Yahya Alshahmani May 11

Yahya Alshahmani
May 11, 2018
ESL 103
How Does Social Media Affect People?
Has social media changed the way people interact in a positive way or negative way? Social media is all the sites that people can communicate through and it keeps them connected; for example, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Everyone can use social media if they have a computer or mobile device, and an internet connection. Undoubtedly, the explosive growth of the internet especially, social media has changed many things in the last 20 years, and people are getting addictive on social media day by day. Social media has caused many changes in interpersonal communication, such as Fake news and making people isolated.

On social media, people can say or write whatever they want, and everyone can create as many pages as they want on all social media sites, like Facebook and YouTube. Because of that, social media is unreliable source. As a result, most of the information and news on social media are fake. Usually the fake news comes from uneducated people, or those who want to be famous. They do that for fun, or to get people’s attention, or maybe to influence politics. However, there are a lot of people who believe in fake news. For instance, fake political subjects. People who write fake news on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter can be anonymous, so that makes no limits or obstacles on what people are saying or writing. In concluding, without limits or obstacles on social media makes it so dangerous.

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The second change in interpersonal communication, is people are becoming isolated. People at work, or students in schools, and sometimes even family members have a weak connection between each other. For example, students at school, especially at colleges are engaged in social media and they are publishing on it, and even they have friends from the same school, but they do not know each other in reality. Before social media got very common between people. In my country we used to watch TV, play video games, and talk together, but now my friends prefer to communicate through Facebook instead of talking face to face, or even give me a call on cell phone. Moreover, this change causes time-wasting. People are spending many hours on social media, even if they do not have anything to with it. In concluding, social media is making people isolated, and causing time-wasting.


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