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World’s dependency on fossil fuels increases day by day as these resources are used to operate industrial and automobile applications over decades. Fossil fuels such as diesel and coal may seem quite cost-effective but they are environmental unfriendly. The emissions exhausted by fossil fuels are the reason behind global warming and ozone destruction. Thus, governments around the world are imposing the use of

biodiesel. Biodiesels which are converted from the vegetable oils are main substitutes of the CDF. To minimize the emissions from biodiesels, the combustion processes and fuel injection processes should be thoroughly understood. As the diesel’s and biodiesel’s constituents are different, the physical and chemical properties vary, so, the properties need to be investigated. The performance of RBOBD and CDF should also be analysed in the liquid burner in terms of temperature and CO, NOx and SO2 emissions for B5, B15 and B25..

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