WINBOT Cleaning Robot Nishith Tharwin Yeshwanth RA1511005010031 RA1511005010044 RA1511005010435 Abstract- This device improves the new concept of Automatic car washing system is very common in well developed countries

Cleaning Robot
Nishith Tharwin Yeshwanth
RA1511005010031 RA1511005010044 RA1511005010435
This device improves the new concept of Automatic car washing system is very common in well developed countries. This module Car washing system is usually associated with fuel domestic purposes. It consists of machines with large concept of mechanism with robo arm and servo motor . The objective of this module was to construct and design a robot, to clean surface as soon as possible. This module required the development of creative solutions to various problems, including construction and designing a robot that can rotate on surface. Therefore, this prototype requirements are small, portable and lightweight cleaning robot are also growing in the field of building maintenance. As the conclusion of survey, the requirements for the window cleaning robot.

Keywords : Stepper motor , servomotor , Arduino , cleaning robot
The late 1930s, After pulling up to the tunnel entrance, an attendant usually guides the customer onto the track or conveyor. . the other type of systems with the employee may help the customer on and with a old methodlogy of ‘Send Car’ button with the controller of tunnel , it manually send the rollers to push the car through.

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The customer is on the car to wait for , the attendant , he will instruct the customer to put the vehicle into park position, release all brakes, . The customers come up with backwardmovement of tires, pushing the car through a detector, which measures length of the vehicle , allowing the controller to tailor to wash the individual vehicle.A good car wash makes use of many different various pieces of equipment clean the vehicle.

We overcome all the above problems with some customized car cleaning bot has going to be installed into the practical use in the field of car maintenance . However, almost all are very expensive and heavy machinery is used therefore materials with requirements of small, light weight car cleaning robot are also growing in the field of car maintenance industries .

The following points are provided with necessary for car cleaning bot for future concept car more efficiently for the practical use:
It should be small size with no involvement of huge machines
Cleaning all the windows of car by automatic movement.

Effective cleaning of all the windows of car.
In this robot we have the following configuration :
SPEED:-High – for general translation, the majority of the competition, quick coverage can be Achieved.

COMPLEXITY:-Medium – Although surface translation is simpler, a mechanism is needed to move the cleaning part of the robot with the help of projected arm
In this study, we use revolution mechanism which consists of the stepper motor locomotion mechanism and adhering with a suction cup. This report is made by review of previous researches . This designed under focusing on mechanism of the cleaning robot. It could cross over the window edges or joint line by robo arm, With the multi windows like as an exist in locomotive cars alike as a necessary and an important application.

Rotation path :
In order to wipe all over the plane ,there are two types of traveling paths in Fig. 1 were considered as shown .Wwe adopted new method in Fig. 1 because of cleaning affectivity and energy efficiency . The robot will rotate up in multi directions. i.e. the robot could continue to rotate either in left to right or right to left , wipe the window efficiently . Therefore it will be better on energy efficiency aspects. There are some limitation regarding in dimensions as well as specifications.
Locomotive Mechanism Of Winbot
This robot rotates with the help of stepper motor by two dimensional axis locomotion mechanism with holding the body on the surface with a suction cup vacuumed The important point in the mechanism is to redefine the edges accordance with rotation of the stepper and servo motor with adhering surface by the suction cup, e.g. the friction between the base material and the wiper can transmits the normal rotation of the torque, and in low friction period it can achieves to move the robot with holding the body on the surface.
We chosen POLYTETRAFLUOROETHYLENE (PTFE) for suction cup materials of the surface .

Cleaning Mechanism
Cleaning mechanism is a important mechanism to clean even at the corner of window. Fig. 2 shows the motion that the robot changes its traveling direction at the respective corners. In this case, since the robot changes a direction as tracing a circular motion, it can reach out the end corner of the window. It used the cleaning material like foam with shaped as an infinity to make more effective cleaning at the edges.


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