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Why wars are still going in Afghanistan?
The following is my personal analysis and a summary an interview with Mr. Aziz Popalzai a retired army official position in Afghan army. The interviewee person has served for government of Afghanistan during Taliban state and Mujahidin period.

In my view, problem lays into several arenas which are:
Method and management of war.

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Lack of coordination between ministry other governmental sectors whose responsibility is to defend from country against security threat.

Interior problems in security system of Afghanistan.

First of all, considering method and management of war we see that when army finds out location of terrorists they face with a prohibition from high ranking position. Therefore, threats remain in place and they may return back at proper time. In addition, I want to point out that when a district which is vulnerable to terroristic attacks is cleared, then they evacuate most of the army forces and it became insecure.

Second, lack of coordination is another misery that we have in our government. Public security forces National Police face insurgents the support from another sectors such as Commando, Special Forces or defense army is not sent for help or it is sent very late when all the police get murdered by counter governmental insurgents.
Third, Interior problems are the most dangerous which may and usually causes the two others. Among the most severe problems that we have in security systems is the existence of discrimination based on ethnic and religion. As Mr. Popalzai mentioned in his interview that we have special trained and expert generals and positions who has a good expertise of different wars. They know how to be flexible in difficult situations. However, when these cadres are introduced to high ranking positions and is expected to be appointed in some position. The high ranking positions such as Abdullah and Ghani do not agree to them because each one of them want to have their own ethnic have military positions.

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