When the developers or any company came into our individual communities

When the developers or any company came into our individual communities, people were break up into individual groups to register their land without known by all community members. Groups would simply break up and seek new lands rather than fighting for rights but because of limited knowledge make landowner go with foreigner to do business.
Secondly, in answer to the question what happened, we shall explore the impact of the colonial period on these small land group societies leading them into the revolution of big areas into states known as common worldwide. Colonial power came to give rights to the people to do what as rights for them to do either good or bad. Those make all the people have rights to hold their land or sale out their birthrights. These kinds of policies make direct conflict with many of the traditional values that practices by local land owner group had happen today.
Many points of conflict between the enforced form of government and the Melanesian communities were simply result on one own culture or own they ethnic group of culture but many others were fundamental to the functioning of self-ruled state of governance. For example: Papua New Guinea government simply declare that land to be subject to the crown whether the local inhabitants wanted it or not (idea of Terra Nalliu). Thus all the aspect of the values linked with modern western society was introduced with the colonial presence to clear declare the attitudes of the customary land management system. Transferred from one generation to another generation will help local people to owned their land.
Thirdly, we shall try to answer the question what really happening today, by knowing the limitation of the customary land. These section are explore the processes that happening in Papua New Guinea include the case study of Terra Nullius.
There are no proper land use guidelines for customary land in PNG because land as governed by customary law. These issues arise as result of weak land administration system in the country. Outdated and reflecting colonial development strategies have cannot accommodate traditional customs. Customary law was very diverse and active. Moreover lack of management capabilities in the part of landowners has led to the emergence of other land groups such as Land Corporations and Land Associations in an attempt to simplify the process of benefit–sharing by landowners (Steven Tiu).
However, even with the formation of the new land groups, many land owners still complain for unfair distribution of ownership benefits and mismanagement of ILG activities. On the other hand there have lack of awareness by land owners where no local ILGs exists or steps to be taken into proper choose used between Land Corporation, Land Association and enter into business partnerships with land developers because land groups performance on broken basis. The present study of Terra Nullius contribute significantly to the knowledge base and also encourage more researches for similar nature to be replicated in other countries where customary land tenure had to practices (by Calvin Murphy).
On the cause study of Terra nullius, mention that people have rights to hold they land for hunting and sacred purpose or do whatever they feel like to do on their land. Terra Nullius (land belongs to no one) mention that land belongs to everyone within same areas or communities. No one can become labor for others while land belongs to them. Aboriginal people are the owner of their land but European people take over all the Aboriginal lands and they become labor for European people but native policy try to give back aboriginal peoples land and make equal balances between themselves. Taking away of their land, exposure too many new diseases and different conflicts resulted in the death and majority of the Aboriginals people are control by European people so Terre Nullius (land belongs to no one) carry out these native policy to give back Aboriginal peoples land and both of them can have equal share rather than become labor for European people all through their life.
Responses to these conflict, we have to meet challenge and acquire skills needed to become effective in the important of the customary system of managing the land but groups became weaker lead into difficult problems and different situations brought the need of the group relate to modern economy state.
One of the examples that we can know was impact of the communities groups. Impact on the group attempts to isolate their land or land based resources into development such as minerals and timber. Traditional leaders are not have traditional authority to manage the impact of the land or unwilling to control members of society consider to put more customary land into pressure with other members rather than put law and order with state. But without any policy make upsetting and conflict in rural or urban areas and no traditional controls are taken place.
Clearly, Papua New Guinea country were hold up by state Actors and the exploiters so Papua New Guinea can stop calling any of these exploiters develop into our country. They’re not developers but thieves who just want to rip off our birthright. They call themselves has developer’s follower development in the areas they operate. But actual they want to destroy our customary land and take out all resources and give us only 5% rather than sharing equal amount such as Poroga Gold Mining, company pay 5% into Papua New Guinea government and 95% taken by them-self which is not good because company destroy everything based on the land . On the other hand, luck of policy make many communities were company operate are suffer and environmental disaster created by those exploiters and made legal by the environment act. All those aspects arise, we have to understand to protect our customary land and think about future generation before share with foreign.


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