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When given the chance to improve health or behavior often times the first resort is to obtain a medication that will cause everything to feel better or to relieve the discomfort. Although, there are other ways that can influence positive and stable health. Just by sitting or playing with an adorable fluffy animal can relieve all the unvalued problems that one may have. It’s an overwhelming feeling arriving home just to see that friendly face that always swarms you with licks and love the minute you walk in. It truly shows how meaningful and caring animals are to their owners. Such as, the connection amongst animal owners are now being able to live longer and more wholesome lives than most. Along with that, lives stay pure and strong without any limitations to lives that surround themselves with those companions that can save their life.
Over the years, pets have progressively become more popular and well deserved. Many people often gift pets, adopt pets, or get them as a companion. According to Harvard Medical School “Nearly 60% of American households, in fact, have one or more pets” (Simon par. 1). Pets including dogs, cats, birds, and maybe even hamsters are more than capable of being a devoted companion, but they additionally prevent illnesses and saves lives. Pets contribute to not only be a family friend that lives in a household, but also, a caretaker that can affect lives for the better. Even so that it dates back to the late 1970’s when pets became a new part of the medical atmosphere, and there was research that was given that having pets helped people’s overall health (Rovner par. 8-9). There are multiple situations where a dog can sniff out certain types of heart problems or other illnesses. Animals are being impacted in people’s lives more and more every day. They represent a distinct use of value that benefits lives in ways that are unthinkable.
For instance, pets are an influential part in detecting health issues that include, seizures, heart attacks, strokes, and low or elevated blood pressure. Pets can represent any animal that serves a purpose in a lifestyle, they live in homes that give owners company, pleasure, and affect lives as well. Owning a pet such as a dog or a cat, can be trained as a service animal to alert or recognize unfamiliar behavior within any health situation. Although they don’t necessarily have to be trained in order to care for someone in need. Providing companionship for a pet can influence pets’ behavior to be able to detect certain situations that might happen whether it’s the initial stages of a heart attack, or realizing that blood pressure is abnormally high. Since, pets are with their owners often, they tend to recognize how humans operate and can tell whether or not the behavior is an accurate trait of personality or if it’s an urgent problem. In addition, when pets do detect a health problem, it’s with their scent; they have a stronger and more durable sense of smell rather than humans.
Basically, when a health problem is detected such as high blood pressure, pets offer a valuable source of returning the pressure back down to a standard state. As stated by Harvard Medical School, “the power of touch also appears to be an important part of this ‘pet effect.’ Several studies show that blood pressure goes down when a person pets a dog” (“Having a Dog Can Help Your Heart” par. 3). Along with that, pets can be an essential part of living that can substantially reduce health problems and make sure the attention is needed when people are undergoing a complication. Being protected by pets continues its importance by also enhancing social support within an individual.

Furthermore, pets can ease the comfort for owners in ways that can assist them with certain aspects such as, social interaction, sets foundations, and provides rehabilitation support. Pets influence people to become more approachable and open. Solely taking a dog outside can expand many alternative ways to meet others and improve social skills. They also help with mobilization that deals with rehabilitation patients. When recovering from a surgery or illness, rehab is a necessity to get the body back to functioning the way it’s supposed to. By doing so, many patients might receive a prescription medication to help strengthen mobility, but working with animals attains an innovative way to increase health. As reported by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, “previous studies investigating various health problems have shown that animal-assisted therapies and activities may be helpful during routine therapy by achieving optimal results and supporting patient therapy” (Elamci and Cevizci par. 32). Using pets as a way to enhance rehabilitation procedures is a key way to support those who require the help within getting healthier.
Also, given that pets remain an asset to livelihoods, it can set foundations for people. Socially, pets can spark an interest in families that could ultimately be the glue that sustains the family together. Being able to share a pet represents discipline, honor, and care. In order to fulfill those characteristics, families become stronger and rely on each other to promote excellence throughout caretaking of their pet. It helps family’s bond and becomes closer which sets a healthy and stable foundation to grow and be prone to health efficiency.
In addition, animals have been shown a mass increase in the ways that contribute to human care. Owning pets or any animal helps with a physical and mental well-being in a person. Being comfortable, healthy, and happy are all apart of developing mental and physical awareness in the body. On a physical standpoint, pets help keep owners healthy from getting them to be more active and responsive. Mental health problems can be any disorder that might include anxiety, depression, and stress. Having a mental problem affects the general behavior and thinking with an individual. Anxiety and depression remain an ongoing challenge that people face every day, it’s essential that those in need get help. Pets are influential to those because they provide support. The National Institute of Health has stated, “they may reduce perceptions of stressful events thus protecting against anxiety related illness, may give confidence that successful coping strategies can be found to deal with stress and may enhance recovery from serious illness such as stroke, myocardial infarction and cancer” (McNicholas, June et al. par 10). Given this information, pets have been a localized source of gaining strength and living longer and more active lifestyles. Overall, pets can not only benefit lives bust save them as well. Animals are a pivotal way of promoting more self-care, and physical and mental well-being.
Without a doubt, pets impacting human health are just another way of producing more healthy habits and wellness for oneself. Owning a pet can serve as a companion for most, but they also may serve as a guide for a healthy lifestyle. There are various types of ways pets, can save lives and maintain healthy lifestyles within families and individuals. The compelling part of influencing pets in lives is that whether they’re used to become healthy or just going through a rehabilitation state, they are most often overlooked, but they’re just as useful as any other assurance mechanism. Animals are resourceful, and some go through training in order to be accustomed to certain health problems. Pets have benefitted and touched a lot of lives by being able to detect common health issues that humans wouldn’t ever realize for themselves. Never doubt an animal; they’ve been proven to be an essential part of people’s lives whether needed or wanted. Ultimately, they could save your life one day.

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