What was Rudyard Kipling’s attitude toward the British Empire

What was Rudyard Kipling’s attitude toward the British Empire, and how did he convey his message in his novella, The Man Who Would Be King? In the novella Kipling viewed the Empire as a responsible part to uphold India. The India described by Kipling was an India dominated the British. India was so dominated by the British Empire that could basically call it a British India. In the novella Kipling had a condescending air about him. Kipling saw it the British Empire to help India. Although his tone is condescending he can be a good guy as he believes the wealthy have a right to help those less fortunate than them. His view about the British Empire are establish through his ideas and characters in the novella. Kipling expresses his views about the superiority of English men. His views on English men is that they are horrible men for example there is the quote “Englishmen are not usually softened by appeals to the memory of their mothers”.


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