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Well, I’m Athul Roshal Kumar son of Mr.Roshal Kumar, an operator at Qatar Chemicals, and Mrs. Sophy Joseph, a homemaker.Ive an elder brother : Mr.Emil Roshal.I was born in Kerala, India but was almost entirely raised in Qatar.I’ve stayed in the same house in Qatar for 17 years and have shifted school only once : i guess this would be a tick in the “stability of personnel” box.My hobbies include learning about technology,reading articles on web, watching documentaries about businesses, playing football and listening to music because i really can’t sing. I graduated this year from Birla Public School; my alma mater.It is there where i developed the skill set that i now possess.From being Vice Head boy to playing right back on the ground i fine tuned my soft skills and also balanced my academics on the other hand.At BPS I had opportunities to mold myself into a leader by becoming class monitor,student council member and assistant prefect.But most significant of all : it was at BPS that i heard about the IPM at the prestigious IIM-I.Breaking boundaries by offering UG courses, holistic development of students, the location,the facilities and the faculty left me in awe.I would never say getting into IIm was my childhood dream because the only thing i wanted to be back then was a pokemon trainer.But now I’m sure, I’ve done my share of introspection and i see that pursuing management is calling.And i firmly believe that i could add a bit of uniqueness from my side to IIM-I.

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