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Voter turnout is the number of eligible voters who participated. The eligibility of a voter varies by the country in which one resides. Age and citizenship status is often apart of the criteria that determines whether someone can vote or not. But, some countries restrict voting eligibility based on race, religion, or sex. Other things that may affect voter turnout is voter registration laws, identification laws, early voting, and polling place accessibility. For example, although the introduction of early voting was meant to make voting easier and to increase the turnout, it happened to decrease voting turnout. Here are some factors that affect California voter turnout; Age, Race/Ethnicity, and Gender. Firstly, young people are much less likely to vote than older people. Statistics say that from 1972 to 2012, citizens that were 18-29 years old have 15-20 points less voter turnout than those citizen who were 30 and up. Voter turnout is also affected by race and ethnicity. Statistics show that in 2012, about 65 percent of Blacks and Whites voted meanwhile, only about 47 percent of Latinos and Asians voted. Gender plays a role as well as statistics show that women voter turnout has surpassed men voter turnout.

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