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Unilever is a British- Dutch multinational consumer goods company, co-headquartered in London, United Kingdom and Rotterdam, Netherlands. The products supplied are food and beverages (40% of its revenue), cleaning agents and personal care products. It is the largest consumer goods multinational company measured by 2012 revenue. Also it is the seventh most valuable company in all of Europe. Unilever’s products are available in 190 countries.
The company began with British soap-maker Company called Lever Brothers. William Hesketh Lever came forward with a revolutionary idea called “Sunlight Soap” in 1890. This helped them to become the first company that popularized cleanliness in Victorian England. Their product rapidly outdid globally as it was a huge success in UK and that made them obtain business worldwide. The main reason for this success was that William didn’t only prioritize on selling the product but also on the manufacturing of it.
In 1860: The Jurgens family, who were carpenters, began selling butter which they received as payments. As this proved to be profitable, they decided to move to Oss, Brabant in the Netherlands to build a better business in butter trade.
In 1870: The Van den Bergh, who were butter merchants also built up a flourishing butter trade in the town of Oss. By this time they began exporting to England which was the biggest market for Dutch butter.
In 1871: The Jurgens family obtained the obvious for making the margarine from its creator Mege Mouries. The modern item, made from animal fat, can be mass delivered as a reasonable substitute for butter and gets to be known as margarine. With trade within the same town, Jurgens takes a test of this unused item to Van den Bergh who at that point starts to create a comparative item. The development of hydrogenation, a procedure for solidifying vegetable oils, makes it conceivable to utilize a wide run of crude materials, not just animal fat.
In 1894: With a developing significance in public health and personal hygiene, Lever Brothers make a modern item called Lifebuoy soap. It uses carbolic corrosive to combat germs but remains reasonable to everybody.

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