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Unemployment is defined as a situation in which a person who is unable to find a job , is identified also as a permanent attempt to seek work. Unemployment is happening because the individuals in the community they able to work and they have tried many ways to find a job but have not had a suitable opportunity.
Unemployment is one of the issues that affect society negatively, because it is spread among young people who are able to work, so the unemployment does not consider the old people , children, or individuals suffering from mental and mental illnesses or special physical needs , which constitute obstacles to them , as a workforce so they are classified outside the workforce .
And we have an equation to measure the unemployment rate( U-rate % ) which is :

Numbers of unemployed / Labor force * 100
And the most famous kinds of unemployment:
1- Frictional Unemployment:
Is the unemployment resulting from leaving employees for their old jobs; to move or seek for a new jobs, and most employees in this type of unemployment abandon their jobs because of their own desire or because they wish to earn a higher salary in a new job , this and this kind of unemployment hasn’t any negative effect on short-term on the economic situation; also it may increase
productivity in the labor market.

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