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Understanding the Influence on our consumer helps us to know more about our consumer behavior, there are two main categories that we will have to look at in order to understand how consumer get influenced to a brand or product. The first one is internal influence which looks at how consumer get influenced by their life style, by their personal knowledge, by personality, motives, emotion and attitude. External influenced on the other hand focuses on how consumer get influenced by social class, by their household, culture, society, reference group. (Quester, P& Garlin,F 2014)
External Influence or Psychological Influence in caravan industries.
1. Culture
To begin with, Culture is a This includes everything from the influence of individual thought processes, beliefs, law, language and behavior which was passed down through generations. When culture does not determine the nature of the frequency of a biological drive such as hunger or thirst, it affects if, when, and how this urge will satisfy. Culture has been one of the most important things that we need to understand in order to know more about the consumer behavior. (Quester, P& Garlin,F 2014)

Caravanning and Camping Consumer Demand Report is the first in an annual series of research measuring consumer preferences, behaviour and intentions in a domestic setting. This report helps to identify opportunities within the Australian caravanning and camping market and inform the industry of the customer decision-making process, consumer behaviour and likelihood of future engagement with the industry.

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