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Tyler Ferguson
Comm 101
November 2, 2018

Persuasive Speech Outline
Global climate change is an issue that needs to be addressed in a serious manner with an idea of change of trustworthiness with information and action. As of now very few people will believe that global climate change is not happening, whether their influence is from the internet, television, or political it all boils down to a few aspects to global climate change. A main aspect to people not supporting climate change is uninformed and misinformed information, which are spoken from government officials and celebrities that can have an impact on a person’s view of the situation. Another aspect around information is the market planning schemes from companies to give royalties to credible persons which can leave confused opinions on the subject. Of course there will always be debate and controversy with the topic, but more people are finding evidence that is showing negative effects in the long run, but we as humans need to solve this in a manner of trust and effort in the people and the leaders.

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But what is actually happening? And what proof is there for climate change? Research from NASA’s GRACE satellite showed about 170 gigatonnes of ice is being melted per year, the heaviest man made object on Earth is the Great Wall of China, weighing in 116 trillion pounds equivalent to the 245 trillion pounds of ice being melted per year. When the ice melts it traverses into the ocean where an expedition was conducted early 2018 from the Greenpeace International organization found traces of microplastics and chemicals such as PFAS a chemical used in industrial production in the water and snow in Antarctica. Research with the National Snow and Ice Data Center discovered three spikes on July 17, July 31, and August 9 with melt extents close to around 193,000 square miles which showed odd behavioural spikes in weather patterns which could be a side effect of climate change.

As we have access to this information we feel hopeless because the issue is much greater, with more problematic variables like developing countries, funding, and best solutions which mask the availability of support to end climate change. A great way to support would be to communicate to friends, family, and possibly state representatives about the issue and how as a state can be reformed to lessen the carbon footprint. Be conscious about the use of resources like water, food, and electricity as the three require fossil fuels to be produced, also try to install energy alternatives in day to day life such as solar power and fuel efficient vehicles. A final show of support can be donating to organizations that research and battle climate change and by donating can allow researchers to analyze and evaluate much faster and much more accurately which can help in the understanding of the issue of climate change. And as I have said before, the number of people who believe climate change is happening consists of the majority of people and usually have different reasonings and beliefs surrounding global climate change, but as long as we continue to strive for a better planet, we will soon find a better society.

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