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Two methods that can be used to value the companies for a merger and acquisition by referring to the case study are debt acquisition. By consenting to expect a dealer’s commitment is a reasonable other choice to paying in real money or stock. Debt is a main thrust behind a deal, as disappointing market situation and high interest costs make it difficult to compensate for lost time with installments. Besides, the debt’s need is to reduce the risk of extra losses by going into a merger or acquisition with an organization that can pay the debt. At the point when a company gains a large quantity of another company’s debt, it has greater management capabilities during liquidation. Furthermore, initial public offerings also method that can be used in Joe’s company. The first sale of stock or IPO is a brilliant route for a time to do the procedure. The prospect of a merger and acquisition can make investors excited about the future of the company, as it focuses to solid long-term technique and desire to expand. In conclusion, there are many ways to finance a merger or acquisition, which the result in an effortless, lucrative and quick transaction. The best way or method is where a firm used to depends on buyer and the seller, their respective share assets and liabilities.

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