Tracing Up Life is so unfair

Tracing Up
Life is so unfair. Why can’t we just choose what we want in our lives today. In terms of no ones suffering from hunger and all. No ones in our streets right now begging for money. Why? Why? What’s the issue about this?
Philippines was once a very rich country or should I say, wealthy. Yes, we were. Like we have all the spices the other countries needed. Or our grounds had plentiful of diamonds and golds. And our country is the only religious country in Asia.
But why did we end like this? Like no ones caring after all we have lost the things we had. Is it because of the president? The Government? Or the Filipino citizens?
Presidents, this is the first cause that came out from my mind. I don’t know why. Yes, they are the leaders. They are like a king in any angle you view. They treated like an emperors, yet some of the former presidents don’t know what presidents do. Leader’s to be served.
National Committees, or the national government committees. These people uses their power to move. In any ways, they use there voices for their own good. Not knowing how poor citizens suffer. And even if they notice them, still they neglect them.
Filipino citizens, I wouldn’t dare to have a doubt. Why we’re one of the causes or reasons why Philippines have drowned into poverty. We are too useless for our country. We depend too much in governments, like we don’t have a body to find a job for ourselves. Like we don’t have a brain to think what we need to do to survive.


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