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Thunder Draft Sports
Jed Brundidge
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The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the business of Thunder Draft and how technology will be used to drive the business to the top of the fantasy sports arena. Through the course of this paper I will discuss the process of determining which technologies are right for the business and the steps that will be taken to implement technology in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Thunder Draft is a business that will be built on technology so it is imperative that the analysis is through and each potential option is properly vetted so that the company can run smoothly while bringing the most cutting-edge experience in fantasy sports. Thunder Draft will be a business that prides itself on brining an exceptional user experience that will keep all fantasy sports junkies coming back for more. Through analytics and the use of cutting-edge technology thunder Draft will create an experience that has never been seeing before in the industry.

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Thunder Draft Sports
Thunder draft is a cutting-edge fantasy sports gambling platform that strives to be a leader in the industry while providing a user experience that can’t be matched by any of our competitors. Thunder Draft is a company that is built using some of the latest technology which allows us to minimize cost while still providing a top-notch experience. The fantasy sports gambling industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry that we feel our business can fill a void that none of the current companies are capable of doing. Thunder Draft feels that with the experience of our leadership and our well documented analysis of the current industry we can make a major impact and secure a large share of the market by delivering an experience that none of our competitors can match.
Through a series of well documented analysis Thunder Draft feels that we are capable of incorporating a system that is more cost effective and more efficient than any other company in the industry. With some of the brightest minds in technology Thunder Draft will be able to build a system that can be easily maintained and is capable of being scaled up, depending on the number of users we have. Being able to scale operations is one of the biggest tasks Thunder Draft will face and the proper systems will need to be set in place so that we will have the ability to meet the demand. To meet the expected demand Thunder Draft will incorporate a mix of third party software with in-house built systems to deliver the best product in the industry. The plan for Thunder Draft is to offer creative products that our competitors have not used before and to offer new twists on some of the tried and true products that have proven to be profitable. The future of our company relies heavily on technology and making the right decisions on the specific technologies we will need is imperative to the future of the company. With a well-documented plan and an industry that is growing by the day I believe Thunder Draft can be one of the top products available.

Overview and Structure of the Business
Who We Are
Thunder Draft is a new company in the sports gambling industry that will provide a cutting-edge gaming experience for all fantasy sports fans. With a start date scheduled for 06-18-2018 Thunder Draft expects to hit the ground running and to be competitive in the industry from the first day. With our unique understanding of both the fantasy gaming world and the world of technology we believe that we set ourselves apart from our competitors. With the utilization of analytics, we believe that we can not only be at the top of the industry now but we can predict future trends and stay on top for many years to come.
Roles and Responsibilities
Board of Directors: The role of the board of directors is to oversee the all-around health of the business. The highest position on the board of directors is the Chairman of the board. This role will be occupied by Jed Brundidge. The role of the rest of the board will be to setup meetings with shareholders to discuss future plans and the vision of the company. The board of directors are also tasked with managing important issues such as, corporate social responsibility, corporate governance and the business ethics.
Upper Managerial Roles: The role of upper management will be to establish long term goals and drive the business to be the top player in the industry. Upper managerial roles will utilize the information captured by our systems in conjunction with analytical modeling to project future trends so that the business can grow and become a major player in the market. With the aid of an analytics intensive mentality upper managerial roles will be tasked with not only creating a plan to be the best in the industry presently but also how we can become even better in the future.

Middle Managerial Roles: Middle Managerial roles will be tasked with managing specific departments within the business in an effort to keep each department running as efficiently as possible while maintaining the best interests of the business. Middle managers will need to have access to the information about their specific department so they can analyze the performance to ensure that each department is meeting their goals and helping drive the business to meet its future expectations.

Operations Managerial Roles: Operations managerial roles will be tasked with overseeing the day to day operations and maintaining a cohesive team so that they are capable of keeping the essential functions of the business working as our customers expect. Operations managers will need access to data specific to their teams so that they can ensure the team is meeting their key performance indicators and they will need access to the specific systems that their teams support.

Production and Services Roles: Production and service workers will be tasked with keeping essential functions running and completing the tasks that are handed down by the operations manager. Service workers will be part of the day to day operations and will need access to the systems that they help support. One of the key components to any business is customer service and Thunder Draft will be no exception. Thunder Draft will strive to be one of the best in the world at providing unmatched customer service.

Analysis and Strategy
Competitive Rivalry: The two main rivals that we have identified for Thunder Draft are Draft Kings and Fanduel. There are a number of other companies within the industry that offer similar services but we believe that most of them are not capable of competing with Thunder Draft. Both Draft Kings and Fanduel are well funded and own a large portion of the consumer base.
Bargaining Power of Suppliers: The unique thing about the product we are selling is that we are capable of determining the prices based off of our own analysis and the needs of the consumer and not being held hostage by a supplier. With the service we offer we aren’t really selling anything tangible so we don’t need to negotiate prices from suppliers for parts and stuff like that for us to offer our service.
Bargaining Power of Customers: The services we offer within Thunder Draft will be determined by customer demand. Thunder Draft will have the unique ability to scale any service to meet customer demand, whether it be the prices that players will need to pay to enter into one of our games or the rules for our games need to be tweaked. The service we offer will be completely determined by customer demand and our teams will work with our customers to help determine which option they prefer and if our customers would like to anything changed.
Threat of New Entrants: We believe that we have a solid foundation within this industry. It is us believe that we the impact of new entrants into this market will be minimal at best. We believe that our position in this market is strong and our plan to succeed will allow us to fend off any newcomers in the future.
Your Company’s Infrastructure and Information Systems Needs
Determine Critical Elements and Prioritize
The first step in building a successful infrastructure for the business will be determining the level of criticalness for each system. It’s important to keep in mind that every system is pivotal to the success of the business but there are certain systems that have the potential to shut the business down completely if they are not functioning correctly. For example, if the system for making credit card transactions were go completely go down, that would have the potential to bring the company to its knees because the company can only survive if customers have the ability to conduct credit card transactions to use our services.
The strategy for defining the criticalness of a system will be labeling each system with one of three categories, platinum, gold or silver. Platinum services are services that we have deemed critical to the business and take precedence over all other systems. When a platinum service has degraded or is completely down it will be an all hands-on deck situation until we are able to get the service back to working as it’s intended. Gold services are below the platinum services but that does not mean they are not important to the business. If a gold service is degraded or down our support staff will need to make a judgement call based on the monetary impact and the level of user impact on whether the situation and the system is considered for a high priority incident. The last level of criticalness is the silver level. Silver services are still important to the business but are not considered to be essential. Generally, if a silver service has become degraded or is completely down the effect on the business will not be great. That means that if a silver service were to go down it would not be detrimental to the business if the issue wasn’t fixed immediately.
Scalable Technologies
According to the definition of scalability is the ability of a computer application or product (hardware or software) to continue to function well when it (or its context) is changed in size or volume in order to meet a user need. Typically, the rescaling is to a larger size or volume. The rescaling can be of the product itself (for example, a line of computer systems of different sizes in terms of storage, RAM, and so forth) or in the scalable object’s movement to a new context (for example, a new operating system).
The heart of the business will be its ability to scale its systems to meet the demand of the large traffic that will be occurring on a daily basis. I think the best way to approach this is by utilizing Microsoft Azure and using their cloud services to store the companies’ data and to host our apps. Microsoft Azure has become one of the most trusted services in the cloud services arena and has the capability and expertise to help the company implement all of the required systems so that the company can operate at a level that is expected by the customer.
Determine Potential Security Issues
According to cisco there are five main areas with the highest security risks when it comes to companies using cloud services.
Secure Data Transfer: All of the traffic flowing between our network and the cloud services we are utilizing will need to traverse the internet. It is paramount that our data is always travels on secure channels. An example of this would be connecting your browser to the provider via a URL that begins with https. It’s also important that data always be encrypted and authenticated.
Secure Software Interfaces: According to The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) it is recommended that you be aware of the software interfaces, or APIs, that are used to interact with cloud services. ” Reliance on a weak set of interfaces and APIs exposes organizations to a variety of security issues related to confidentiality, integrity, availability, and accountability,”
Secure Stored Data: When data is stored on a provider’s system it is important that the data be encrypted while it’s in use by the service. It is important to remember that cloud providers hold very little responsibility when it comes to keeping your data secure. It is always important to make sure that the service you are using will be able to keep your data safe. This is why I chose to work with Microsoft because they are a reputable company and have a great policy for keeping data safe.
User Access Control: When data is being hosted in the cloud you lose some control when it comes to access. When a company hosts their data in the cloud they run the risk that someone that would not be authorized could potentially have the ability to view the data. It’s important to speak with the provider and verify who will be managing the data and what level of access will they have to that data.
Data Separation: Every cloud-based provider is forced to share services. This is mainly sharing server space. Many cloud-based providers use Hypervisor software which creates virtual containers within their infrastructure for each customer. Recently there have been an uptick in attacks on this shared technology that have exposed security vulnerabilities. It is important to speak with the provider and determine what steps they have in place to prevent your data from being compromised through these attacks and what the plan is if it were to happen.
Your Company’s Management of Data and Knowledge
Knowledge Management System
Knowledge management is the term used for the process of creating, sharing, curating and utilizing knowledge for the business. Knowledge is stored in a database called a knowledge base and can be accessed by anyone that has the proper permissions. Knowledge is generally separated into articles and can be sorted by the purpose of the knowledge. Managing knowledge does not end once the knowledge management system is in place. Managing knowledge is a full-time job and is a constant cycle of creating new knowledge, removing knowledge that is no longer needed and updating existing knowledge. The importance of the knowledge is that it harnesses the knowledge of people throughout the organization and can be shared with anyone in the business. Choosing the right software to help manage knowledge is an important step and from careful consideration I have chosen to utilize ServiceNow. ServiceNow is one of the most trusted platforms in the industry and will provide a rock-solid solution.
Sharing and Learning
Sharing knowledge and learning are important concepts in knowledge management. The purpose of creating and maintaining a robust knowledge base is so users can find articles that can help them solve issues, define business process and give general information. Knowledge can be created about anything and is basically an article describing some information that someone has learned. Sharing this information is critical for employees to do their jobs. This can be especially true for IT. When people move to different departments or move on to other companies’ new people will need to move into those positions. In order for people to pick up where the last person left off we need to make sure that all the knowledge is accurately noted and has been kept up to date to reflect any changes. It is important that the correct personnel have access to the necessary knowledge so they are able to do their job in the most efficient way possible.
Create Knowledge
Creating knowledge is simple. ServiceNow has an automated platform where you can build a template and then people can use that template to create knowledge articles that can be added to the knowledge base. Creating knowledge is important because people will rely on those knowledge articles to help them solve issues. Knowledge articles allow people to document their experiences so other people can learn about the systems, view the steps for fixing complex issues and get information on business processes.
Capture and Acquire Knowledge
Acquiring knowledge is basically the information that people have acquired through experience. Basically, what happens is someone runs into an issue, they troubleshoot until they are able to fix it and then they will be able to document the steps they took in a knowledge article so that anyone who runs into a similar issue will now have the steps to fix it without having to waste time troubleshooting a problem that has already been solved.
Organize Knowledge
After a knowledge article is created it is stored in a database that can be accessed by anyone in the business. Certain sections of a knowledge article will be accessible by people who have specific permissions. In the knowledge articles there will be sections for business users and IT support users. IT support users will have access to all sections but business users will not have access to support views. In the knowledge article there will be a section for meta data. The meta data is used as search terms. When a user needs to find an article to help them solve an issue they can type in their search terms and if the meta data matches the search terms then all the articles that match will be available for the user to open.
Distribute, Access and Search
Searching knowledge is an easy task. If you want to find knowledge just use the search function and enter in a relevant search term. Each article has meta data that can be added to help users search and find the right articles.
How to Use Knowledge
Using knowledge is fairly easy. Anytime someone has a question, needs to know a business process or is looking for information they can consult the knowledge base and pull up a knowledge article that will have all the information they need. It is important that knowledge is accurate and kept up to date so that the correct processes are being followed and people are getting the most accurate information for their issues. Knowledge is imperative when supporting IT systems because it is a collection of all the knowledge that has been acquired throughout the time of the system and is shared between members of IT to help support the systems and keep them functioning the way they should be.
Your Company’s Use of the Internet
Third Party Services
In this section I will discuss some of the third-party software that we will use to help the business run.
Increase Potential Business
In this section I will discuss how the company will use the internet to help drive business.
Virtual Private Network
In this section I will discuss how the business will utilize virtual private networks.
Collaboration Software
In this section I will discuss the software that will be used to promote collaboration within the business.
Your Company’s IT Planning and Analysis Processes
Determine Position
The first step in developing a strategic IT plan is to determine the company’s position in the market. The purpose of this is to figure out who our competitors are and what type of edge we can gain on our competition. Some of the action steps in this section will include scanning the environment of our industry to identify macro and micro trends, find what threats we should be aware of and which opportunities are available for us to take advantage of, determine who our target audience is and which customers we need to be aggressive with, determine strengths and weaknesses of our business compared to our competitors and make sure we identify our key advantages and determine the best ways to make them work in our favor.
Develop Strategy
Taking the information that has been gathered in the first step of determining our position we can begin to form a strategy for implementing IT systems and processes that should not only make us secure and efficient but will also give us an edge over our competition. The main topics in this section will be security policy, acceptable use policy, business continuity, disaster recovery and social and ethical decisions.
Security Policy: Security policy is extremely important and is vital to keeping key assets and corporate data secure. It is important that all executives and members of management understand how important it is that these policies are in place for the protection of the company. One of the most important things to remember when building a successful security policy is to know where threats can come from. Many businesses tend to focus on hackers as being the biggest threat but in reality, more data is lost by internal employees than from outside attacks. Sometimes this can be malicious but often times this can happen from employees that may not be very tech savvy and might delete something they should not have or download a program that might make the system vulnerable. This is why Thunder Draft will put an emphasis on education employees to make sure they understand what can happen if they attempt to circumvent policy and how we can keep out key assets and data safe.
Acceptable Use Policy: Acceptable use policy is a set of rules governing the use of the network resources. All employees and external users will need to accept the terms of our policy before they are able to use the network. The policy will outline what is accepted when using the network, what is not accepted and what users should expect when using our network.
Business Continuity: The purpose of a business continuity plan is to ensure that critical services are available at all times. The success of the business hinges on these services to be available at all times so it is important that a solid plan is in place to handle any situation where there may be an issue.
Disaster Recovery: A disaster recovery plan is a plan that is put in place for when a major event occurs and our systems are in jeopardy of being impacted. The first thing we need to do is determine the priority of all hardware and software assets. Once priority has been determined we can then determine what is the acceptable amount of downtime. Disaster recovery plans will be sent in place when there are major incidents such as fires, tornadoes or floods.
Social and Ethical Decisions: Behaving in an ethical manner is essential to gaining respect in any industry. Thunder Draft will strive to be ethically and socially responsible at all times. Thunder Draft will be active in participating in charity events both outside of the organization and events that will be sponsored by the organization. Giving back and staying active in the community is something that Thunder Draft will pride itself on.
Build the Plan
Having a well thought out and well documented plan in place for any situation is essential to keeping the business running smoothly at all times. It’s important to remember that the plan isn’t set in stone after the first iteration. Some things can change as the corporate environment changes and new pieces will need to be added to the plan to accurately reflect the current environment and needs of the business.
Manage Performance
Managing performance is critical to the growth of the business. We need to constantly viewing the performance of our business and employees to make sure that we are meeting out goals and to make sure we are staying competitive. The goal of Thunder Draft is to be the top player in the industry so in order for us to achieve our goals we need to make sure that we are constantly analyzing our performance to found out where we are exceeding expectations and where we might be lacking. By identifying these areas, we will be able to adjust our plans and resources to help cover any performance gaps that we may find.
Your conclusion should contain several paragraphs summarizing the key points in your paper, or discussing future implications of your analysis, and bringing your paper to a close.

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List all references in alphabetical order, in APA citation style, such as in the example below of a reference of your textbook in correct APA citation style. All references should be formatted with hanging indentations, as required in APA citation style, as the example below illustrates.
Laudon, K. C., & Laudon, J. P. (2007). Management information systems: managing the digital firm (10th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education.

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