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Thunder and lightning by Tiahn Haynes
Thunder is the loud booming and crashing sound which is made by lightning. Thunder always comes after lightning, without lightning there is no thunder. Lightning is the very large spark that obstacles from cloud to cloud or from the ground to a cloud. Thunder is caused by a sonic shock wave which lightning creates.
Beliefs about thunder included that it occurred before lightning is, it also is believed that thunder and lightning is caused by the collision of clouds. The sound of the thunder is believed to be produced by reverberation between low and high clouds, and by high clouds descending and colliding onto lower clouds.

Struck by Lightning
Electrical currents from lightning strikes maintain a shorter duration than industrial shocks, averaging a few milliseconds per strike, but they can travel up to 10 miles horizontally. When a human gets exposed to a lightning strike, an external flashover occurs where the electrical current passes over the surface of the body. This can result in burns, mostly in the upper and lower body, specifically the head, shoulders and neck. Injury can also occur by making the victim fall or by throwing him through the air. Immediate death from a lightning strike is usually attributed to cardiac or cardiopulmonary arrest.

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