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This takes place in the olden days, there was a city-state near Turkey, beyond the ocean of Rhithekion. This city-state was named Pheoshire. Phepshire and the other cities like Vraxwell and Ocloomham were good friends. But times can and has changed. The city of Pheoshire had a HUGE wall protecting its people who live inside the city. There were gates, that let people go in and out since it had a huge wall it was used as a great defense. It also gave a good killing places in case Phepshire warriors need to they arrows down to people to blow, who were trying into the city. Other like cities like Tauronassa tied to attack us ten times, but Tauronassa had a plan which was to make a wooden horse and leave it outside of the gates of Pheoshire then Tauronassa’s army would act like they left. But the horse would be hollow meaning thirty men would be hiding inside the horse. The people of Pheoshire thought it was a peace offering so they take the horse inside. Later that night when everyone was sleeping the Tauronassa’s army got out of the horse went on a killing spree.

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