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This paper reports was a collaborative program to support subject teaching and learning using a various forms of computer-based of ICT. In this kind of study the rhetoric of transformation with classroom reality was compared in terms of the pedagogic strategies emerging for using technology in secondary subject teaching. The studies was achieved through analysis across a set of in-depth classroom case studies, carried out in partnership with teachers researching and develop their own practice, across a range of curriculum subjects. The introduction of ICT may act as a catalyst in stimulating teachers and pupils to work in new ways for the better flow of the discussion. The engaging of the teachers in discussions about pedagogy may encourage them to clarify and re-examine the views in the light of using technology. According to the result, assessment might capitalize the greater accessibility of children’s thinking and understanding arising through discussion, interpretation and evaluation when interactive technologies are used – a different level of understanding to the ‘academic’ understanding measured through formal assessment. This study can increase the level of interaction and willingness of the students accordingly.

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