This is how to be successful in life and yourself

This is how to be successful in life and yourself. People often said that if you want to succeed in life. People need a proper education, school think’s people will agree with this. People may or may not think a proper education means having to stay in school until you are eighteen. People will also have a choice of a high school, or GED.
Perhaps the strongest reason for not leaving school early is that it prepares you for a working career. Let us say you leave school early with a basic education. You are unlikely to be able to find any skilled jobs. Going to school under age of eighteen most of the time get basic knowledge than an eighteen year old. Indeed, the education you receive between the ages of sixteen and eighteen is crucial for anyone who does not want a lifetime of unskilled work in a factory.
Another compelling reason for remaining in school until eighteen is that school provides moral and social education too. This is particularly important for people between sixteen and eighteen who have many temptations and benefit from the organized framework that school provides. Young people who stay in school until the age of eighteen tend to be more responsible and help build a stronger society. Another good reason for staying in high school it is easier to get in to college. It is also looks good for resume has to apply for jobs, or a lifetime career.
There are, however, equally strong arguments against making school compulsory until the age of eighteen. One such argument is that not everyone is academic and that some people benefit more from vocational training. For instance, someone who wants to become a car mechanic may find better training and more satisfaction in an apprentice scheme. Which in some schools there are mechanic classes for eleventh and twelfth grade. Another related argument is that in today’s world, young people are maturing ever more quickly and are able to make their own life decisions by the age of sixteen.
To some people’s mind, everyone should be encouraged to stay in school until eighteen. However, people cannot believe it would be a mistake to make this compulsory. Students should stay in school until they are eighteen so they can get the proper education. They need for the real world they will be going in to after they graduate high school. Students also get a GED that is also like a high school diploma.


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