Therefore, this datum can’t be denied that the physical amenities in the school venue go a long way to inspire students to learn. Physical accommodations in any school system range from the school plant, the greasepaint of school buildings, classroom, library, laboratories, toilet facilities, learning tools to other infrastructures that would contribute to motivate students towards learning. Experience has revealed that maximum of the physical facilities that are useful to effective learning/academic enactment of students seems not to be adequate in our government schools at present. Those accessible seem not to be of average quality, some seem to lack maintenance culture, whereas some are in tumble-down conditions. The status of physical facilities particularly in our government schools appears to be of prodigious concern to educators. It appears that the endowment of these school amenities have lessened over the years, perchance due to growth in school enrolment ratio which had led to populace explosion in government schools. It has been perceived that school physical amenities are crucial tools to facilitate and encourage learning programs. Teachers need an idyllic working environment. Experience illustrates that if physical facilities are accessible, students incline to have curiosity in learning; this will perpetually lead to extraordinary performance.


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