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There were many great inventions from the medieval period. Some are even still used to day.
The mechanical clock was an invention that came out of the medieval period. There were time keeping devices that came out of the ancient times, but they weren’t accurate. This was a very significant invention because it allowed people to keep accurate track of time.
In the 15th century the printing press was invented. It was significant because it would allow books to be produced in mass amounts. It also meant that books were affordable and you didn’t have to be rich to by one.
In the 14th century gunpowder spread to Europe. Gunpowder was significant because it lead to the creation of cannons and guns.
The windmill started to become popular in the medieval period. They were significant because they allowed people to harness energy from the wind.
All of these were highly significant, and lots of them were quite ahead of their time.

Today we have advanced a lot since the medieval period but there is still a lot of inventions from back then we still use or we have improved.
Today we don’t just have analogue clocks but also digital clocks and watches. The medieval clocks contributed to these inventions. The clocks from the medieval period don’t look a great deal like the ones today but they have definitely contributed to the creation of modern day time telling devices.
Today we have printers. The printing press could have easily have contributed to the invention of this. Printers today are a lot more advanced and work a whole lot better but the printing press is where printers came from.
Today we have big guns and bombs. The invention of gunpowder in the medieval period has contributed to the creation of these things. Gunpowder isn’t required nowadays for lots of weapons but gunpowder led to the creation of guns and bombs.
All of the inventions have definitely contributed to modern technology. Lots of technology today would not be the same if these medieval inventions hadn’t have been created.

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