There is a great diversity in the wild world especially in animal species such as birds

There is a great diversity in the wild world especially in animal species such as birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, etc. Instead this diversity, each animal plays an important role in the ecosystem to maintain the balance of nature (Difference Between Bats and Birds,2015). Unfortunately, many people cannot distinguish between certain animal varieties because of their similarities and commonalities. For example, bats and birds have a lot of similarities. There are approximately 1200 species of bats (Bat,2018). There are many types of birds. In this report, I will compare and contrast between birds and bats in their body and some behaviors to help us to distinguish between them.

The first point, which can help us to differentiate between bats and birds, is their body. To begin with, both birds and Bats are animals, which have wings, and they are characterized by their simple skeleton (Difference Between Bats and Birds,2015). To quote from De(2016), most birds have light, hollow, air-filled bones that connect with the lungs. Furthermore, bats have a flexible wing, resembling a human arm, but it contains a patagium, which is a narrow membrane of skin (HARRIS,2001). Birds are the only ones that cover their body by feathers (De,2016).Figure one show the difference between the forelimbs. Prabhat(2011) shows us that feathers help birds fly, control the body heat and attract the opposite sex. The bats are webbed animal, and possess teeth while the bird has a beak (Difference Between Bats and Birds,2015). According to De. (2016), the beak is from the bird bodybuilding to its outer structure and is sharp (De,2016). Finally, the heart of birds consists of four chambers, similar as the heart of the mammals, and is defined by warm blood (Bat,2018). Also bats have warm blood, and resemble the rest of the mammals in their outer form, which has ears and eyes, except the wings(Difference Between Bats and Birds,2015).

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Some behavior of birds and bats are the second important point that can help us to know the difference between birds and bats. Firstly, bats are mammals. Mammals give birth to their babies and feed them with the milk which they produce, while the birds lay the eggs and feed their young with digested food (Prabhat,2011). Most birds incubate their babies until they are able to fly (Bird,2018).This means that young birds stay in the nest with their parents. In addition, as reported by Bird(2018), usually most of the birds are active during the daytime. Therefore, they rely on them senses such as sight to move and look for food. Thirdly, birds have sound boxes called syrinx(Prabhat,2011). On the other hand, TOM(2001) write that the bats are active at night and have the echocardiography, which is a navigational system (Prabhat,2011). By the echocardiography bats can identify the location, size and direction of the prey(Prabhat,2011). During the day, bats gather in large colonies and are suspended upside down, that useful for the bats to help them takeoff, opposite of birds (Prabhat,2011). Moreover, caves, abandoned buildings, tree branches, and rock surface, all are dark and isolated, that are places suitable for bats (Bat,2018). Not like bats, birds build their own nests from sticks, leaves, algae, and plants (Bird,2018). Finally, most birds depend on flying, but there are some species, that depend on walking or jumping to move. (Bird,2018). Different from birds, bats use flight to move mainly(Bird,2018).

To sum up, Similarities and differences between bats and birds and some of their behavior can help us to know if this creature is a bird or a bat. In my view, if you see an object fly at night it will be a bat and the bird you will see it flying at the morning. Usually bats are not harmful to people. Sadly, they are endanger, because of their reproduce habits, since every bat female has one child a year (HARRIS,2001). Since 1680, 80 species of birds have disappeared and a large number of them have become
in danger, due to pesticides and the destruction of their homes and diseases (Bird,2018). Figure two show the causes of bird mortality. I advise everyone not to sell animals and stop hunting to keep them and the environment, because they are so important for us.



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