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There are varying methods on how to diagnose and treat different mental conditions within the field of psychology. Every method can give a different concept of origin and how to treat a disorder. For the case of Jake’s anxiety, behaviorist, humanist, and cognitivist psychologists would all approach Jake with a different perspective on why he has anxiety and how to reduce his stress.
The behaviorist’s perspective is concerned with the effects that environmental stimuli can have on an individual. It does not give much emphasis to the mind and the possibility of thought processes in the mind. Because of this, a behavioral therapist would make observations about Jake’s environment and determine the need for adjustments in his environment. Jake’s therapist would likely suggest for him to join a study group or meet with a tutor in hopes to ease Jake’s stress about his coursework.
A different perspective is the humanist’s, which emphasizes on understanding the individual as a whole. This type of approach would not consider the environment, rather they would consider what is happening inside of the mind and observes the human behavior, not only through the eyes of the therapist, but through the eyes of the individual being observed. In Jakes case, a humanist therapist would try to understand his situation and why he feels anxious about his coursework. The therapist’s goal would be to get Jake to share his feelings and self-realize that he has the capacity of getting through his challenging coursework.
Another perspective is the cognitivist’s, often associated with behaviorism, considers focus on how the mind processes information, which ultimately affects the individual’s behavior. This method focuses on helping a person become aware of when they make negative interpretations and behavioral patterns, so that positive thoughts and behaviors are produced. Jake’s therapist would likely ask him what his expectations are from his coursework and if he speaks positively to himself about achieving his expectations. If negative self-talk is confirmed, the therapist would likely attempt to change Jake’s mental conversations for him to find confidence in his coursework to reduce his anxiety.
In conclusion, behaviorism, humanism, and cognitivism are all important perspectives in psychology, although with differing theories and approaches they all aim to help individuals improve their quality of life.

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