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There are several times throughout this novel where Victor alienates himself. He spends a lot time by himself at school, with family and friends close by, and when overwhelmed by guilt and grief. An example of this is when Victor is young. During the time when he was first studying natural philosophy he spent a lot of his time studying alone, “I was to a great degree; self-taught with regard to my favourite studies. My father was not scientific, and I was left to struggle with a child’s blindness‚Ķ”. (31). This quote tells of how Victor was left alone, at a young age, to study which changed the way he thought about life. This affects his mental health after because he becomes obsessed with creating life where there is none. Another example would be when Victor is looking to kill the monster, “They were dead, and I lived; their murderer also lived, and to destroy him I must drag out my weary existence.” (209). This quote explains that Victor is left alone with no friends or family, so he will leave everything he has ever known to destroy it. This also shows a change in his mental health as he is now overcome with grief and guilt strong enough to want to kill his creation. Finally, he is the only one chasing the monster, as well as the only one knowing of the monster, “I pursued him; and for many months this has been my task.” (210). This quote shows how Victor, having been the only person knowing about the monster and having his whole family killed by it, becomes obsessed in the creature’s death. In conclusion, there are many times that Victor has spent alone that have altered his health.

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