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There are few problems that we might face when operating 3 sense restaurants. The first problem is the hiring and training employees. Employees are expected to be provided training or education and job promotion from the enterprise they serve. Without providing a proper and well preparation to employees, they may not achieve well in their tasks and not enough confidence to accomplish their jobs. Employees will seek to boss to solve these issues and become disappointed. They may also lack of skills of communicating with patrons. For instance, the mistakes of an employee might increase when an employee orders incorrect meals or imperfect meals being served to patrons. The lack of knowledge and skills to provide satisfactory patron service will result in exasperated customers. The productivity will begin to descent and profit being made will start to fall. Employees are not prepared with the full skill set or the necessary amount of training won’t do as an efficient work as others. For instance, if an inefficient employee responds to inquiries or complaint calls and all these slow responses are just frustrating patrons. This mistake can cause solemn problems for the businesses.

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