The uneventful fire on Saturday afternoon March 25

The uneventful fire on Saturday afternoon March 25, 1911, started on the 8th floor and lay out all the way to 9th and 10th floor in a factory in Manhattan. What started off as a normal pay day turned into devastated efforts to escape. Insecure elevators, excess weight resulted in collapsing the one fire escape which they all had to get out of the building, victims jumped on the fire nets believing that it can save their lives from burning. The rapidly spreading fire killed 146 workers in total many of whom were young women recently arrived from Europe, had a little time or opportunity to escape (Michaels, 2011).
Out of 146 workers, 123 of them women killed that day. The oldest among the victims was 39 years old and the youngest about 14 years old, some figures were burned so badly that its was impossible to identify them and they were ended up in an open coffin waiting to be claimed by marking their corpse with numbers. Fire authority claimed when they cleared the building, the roofs of the elevators were buckled from the dead and fatally injured who were piled on top. 19 people died trying to climb down the cable and killing 25 people while climbing down the external fire escape, though it stopped two floors up from the ground. The owners of the company (Blanck and Harris) were designated for manslaughter. It also came into consideration by the fire department that not a single survivor reported escaping from the doors leading to Washington place stairwell on the ninth floor and they claimed a pile of 14 burnt bodies in front of it, with a further lying asphyxiated close behind them. (Waugh, 2013).


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