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The topic of the study is all about the organic housefly killer. Commercial products used to lessen houseflies are harmful because sometimes they are misused by people due to misunderstanding of instructions presented. Commercial products are also harmful since it contains harmful chemicals. Because of this, the researcher thought of producing a more organic and eco-friendly insecticide out of malunngay leaves. In this study it may prove that malunggay leaves are capable as an alternative housefly killer.

The topic involves on extracting the malunggay leaves. Malunggay leaves contain insecticidal properties which are very helpful in creating an insect killer. The product may not be effective as commercial products but it can assure you that it has no effects on nature and the organisms. Commercial products contains harmful chemicals that contributes sickness to other organisms. This will also help in the health of people since the product made doesn’t make use of chemicals which may harm or trigger our systems. The product of the study will be more beneficial than commercial ones. Most importantly, it will be able to lessen the damage which are brought about by houseflies to us.

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Malunggay is a good source of insecticide because it contain rubefacient. It is an active component of malunggay leaves. A substance for external application that produces a redness of the skin by causing dilation of capillaries and increase blood circulation.

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