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The swot analysis is when a company identify the strengths and weaknesses in a business its done after good planning for the financial goals and strategies should be created to reach those goals one of these goals is using the products in the best efficient way to gain much profit as possible this can be competitive more than the previous experiences then try to better the weak areas in the business improving the weak areas in business will help the company to stay in the lead of other competitors and also finding out chances like creating or inventing new products and also a big part of business is taking risks and to have a plan B incase something happens to the business that might affect the company’s profits also competitive positioning is a very important part of the swot analysis its basically finding out how you will think of an offer its like finding or making value for the company. The pest analysis is basically about the external factors of business like everything surrounding the business for example the environment of a company the exact opposite of swot the business will try to use pest to achieve the external goals of a company for example the economical fields pest stands for ”political, economic, social, technological” examples for the political branch are wars and conflicts and government policies for example if there is wars between some countries there will be no trading in government policies example if everybody needs to wear caps then the market will go up if the law changes back to normal the cap sales will go down and also in the social branch there is lifestyle trends , media views, and fashion and role models lifestyle trends are basically activities or interests it’s the personal reflection of someone style or life infront of other people and themselves and pest is all about the location and the rest of the external factors and the swot analysis is the complete opposite it studies the internal factors of the business like the strengths and weaknesses its divided into two parts good effects on the business and bad effects on the business swot stands for stenghts, weaknesses,

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