The Sunrise Model is not the theory but depicts factors influencing care

The Sunrise Model is not the theory but depicts factors influencing care.

These factors needed to be included for culturally competent care. Hence, the Sunrise Model was created (Leininger, 1997) :
Culture care meanings
Factors influencing care : Religion, Cultural values, History, Language, Gender, Politics, Economics, Worldview, Environment, Cultural values.
The major goal of the sunrise model is to apply research findings in providing safe, culturally congruent care to clients of the same or different cultures.

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The model has served as a guide to conduct cultural assessment in patient’s health care needs for many years.
(Munoz, 2009)

Leininger described as:
It is clear that there is diversity in culture care practices and patterns, there are some shared commonalities and universal attributes.
The worldview consists of different social structure factors that influence cultural care patterns and predict health and illness.
Generic emic and professional etic care in different environmental context influences health and illness.
Three major nursing decisions and actions that provide ways to deliver culturally friendly care for the patient are :
cultural preservation or maintenance.
cultural care accomodation or negotiation.
cultural care repatterning or restructuring.


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