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The state of Michigan voted to allow the use of recreational marijuana on Tuesday. Michigan is the tenth state to end the prohibition of marijuana in the midwest. It will replace the system in which marijuana is regulated for adult use. With the addition of the state of Michigan, about twenty percent of the United States population resides in a state that has approved recreational marijuana. A poll by Gallup showed that two-thirds of American adults support legalizing the drug. After Michigan legalized marijuana Canada opened the market for recreational marijuana, and the repeal of the marijuana prohibition of in Mexico. In the Republican state of North Dakota voters declined a bill that would have made marijuana legal without possession limits or regulations. A recent poll Gallup just fifty-three percent Republicans nationwide said they supported marijuana legalization compared to seventy-one of independent voters and seventy-five percent of Democrats. Parents can rest easier knowing that their kids won’t wake up to more marijuana in the schools. Somewhere else on the ballot voters in Missouri approved one of the three medical marijuana measures up for consideration avoiding a messy conflict if more than one law is passed. Missouri’s Amendment two permits doctors to prescribe marijuana for medical reasons, the patients could also get the drug from a dispensary or by planting it at home.

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