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The specific aim of this paper was to examine the explanatory power of Lindblom’s muddling-through approach in the context of decision-making during the process of SMEs’ internationalization. The case study shows that many of the important decisions made during Q-Sense’s internationalization process had to be made in a complex context similar to the one Lindblom (1959, 1979) described, so clarification of goals was difficult. In addition, the types of problems that needed to be solved are reminiscent of the problems described by Lindblom. Not surprisingly, several of Q-Sense’s decision processes reveal a high degree of congruence with Lindblom’s muddling- through approach. Then again, the case also revealed that some of the decision-making processes are similar to a root process (Lindblom, 1959). The case contained also examples of decisions made that are hybrids of the two logics. Hence, studying an SME’s internationaliza- tion process with the help of the dichotomy between the rational- comprehensive decision process and the disjointed incremental decision processes (Lindblom, 1959, 1979), portrays reality as similar

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