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The second leading cause of death throughout the world is stroke and it is third leading cause of disability in adults (1,2).Many studies in different countries have shown the prevalence of stroke as 500-800 0f 100,000 population(3,4).The frequency of stroke can be reduced if the risk factor causing different types of strokes are identified, avoided or they are modified and removed. Low and middle income countries have more chances of stroke and on other hand they have less resources to treat it and decrease the stroke related disability but few studies are conducted in these regions to identify the risk factors causing stroke(1,2,5,6,7). These are the risk factors of stroke and can be modified to reduce the occurrence and rate of stroke: High blood pressure, smoking, diet, physical activity, cardiac problem alcohol intake and diabetes(8).High blood pressure is considered as primary cause of all types of stroke(9-13).Ciggerate smoking is also a known cause of cerebral infarction(9,10,13,14) and subarachnoid hemorrhage(12).Data about HDL cholesterol level as a risk factor for stroke is very less but it is considered to be protective for cerebral infarction(15).Atrial fibrillation is considered as major risk factor of stroke and its increased incidence is due to other cardiovascular diseases and age(16,17).
There are thousands of individuals attacked by stroke and up to three million have some type of post stroke disabilities(18) and majority of individuals suffer with neurological problems(19,20) but these patient gain some degree of independency in basic living activities(eating, walking, continence)(21) but still they report increase dependency in other activities( work management and other time spending activities).Depression is a major post stroke problem of patients which affect the physical activities (22) and it affect 23%-63% of patients after stroke (23,24,25,26).Muscle weakness is also a striking problem in stroke patients which can increase the dependency of individuals(27). Patients have difficulty to psychologically adapt themselves to their disabilities after stroke their emotional responses are altered and their personal behavior towards relation is changed which affect the marital status and they are socially isolated(28).This study was conducted to find out the prevalence and risk factors of stroke and disabilities related to stroke which markedly affect the individuals.


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