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The role of the hand is important in a child’s learning as children develop their senses by handling objects, “I see with my hands” (168:2012). Take for example the Pink Tower. Each of the cubes varies in size from 1cm up to 10cm cubed. The child goes and collects one cube at a time; it would be easier to carry multiple cubes at one time but when the child carries each individual block, he gains a sensorial impression of its size and dimension as well as refining his gross and fine motor skills through whole body movement. He must travel back and forth ten times to collect each piece and each time he is using his visual discrimination and increasing his concentration. He can repeat this work as many times as he wants, and the teacher does not need to be involved as each material has a control of error built into it. The control of error allows the child to self-check his own work and helps improve his self-esteem, independence and self-discipline. Another example of a sensorial activity is the touch tablets. These help to refine the auditory and tactile sense. The child uses his sense of touch to differentiate between grades of rough and smooth. This allows them to progress onto using the sandpaper numbers and letters where the child will continue to use their visual and tactile skills.

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