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The rights of business versus the needs of the community for safe land, water, and air is a vital issue that needs to be addressed. It is undeniable that the development of economy has brought great changes in everyone’s life and significantly elevated our living standards. Therefore, some people argue that the development of economy must come before all else, including the environmental concerns. Truthfully, a lot of people in the world today care more about their standards of life than they do about the health of certain species and animals that we barely even see.
If we neglect the importance of environmental protection when promoting the economic development our world and future generations will suffer the losses. It is because of the obvious fact that we need to utilize resources from the environment for developing economy and they can be depleted or polluted if we overlook the environmental protection. For example, as we all know, water plays an important role in the economic growth. Farmers use it to irrigate crops, factories use it to create and process products, shipping companies use it to transport goods and hydroelectric power stations use it to create the electricity. However, clean water is becoming increasingly scarce for two reasons. First, people lavishly use water for irrigation and have no idea of conserving water resources in our daily life. Second, water is seriously contaminated by the waste products generated by factories and refineries. Over time, the shortage and pollution of water will result in terrible consequences that people could no longer use water in agriculture, industry, transportation and the generation of electricity and must find a substitute, whose costs might beyond our reach. Not to mention the economic growth in the future.
Too often we think and act as if we were not part of nature. Rather than thinking of ourselves as nested in nature and dependent upon it, we think of ourselves as sitting on top of it, managing it. We think there is the human world and the natural world, and we forget that we are ourselves, with all our technology, part of nature. Imagine you are sitting on a pile of money, but you can’t breathe, the thick dusty air is clogging your windpipe; you have no clean water to use instead it’s just a dark, smelly liquid. That is what going to happen if you just concentrate on the economy and ignore the environment.

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