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The proposal was not acted in public interest because security and exchange commission regulation limit the consulting work at accounting firms while these companies were making money by introducing the new consulting business in market
I think the problems of Andersen was not unique and these type of issues big companies are facing continuously. In my opinion, the problems in AA were the right decisions according to the situation of the market and loss of internal control. If I was the partner of another accounting company at the time of Andersen demise. I have learned a lesson and make an arrangement of an internal investigation in the firm and making sure to the implementation of the performance evaluation system. The internal reports are used by management for decision management and decision control. So, the manager needs all correct internal information for right decision making. Decision management and accounting system is useful for decision control especially monitoring. (544, Ch 17) it is very important and integrity part of firm’s control system. (543, Ch 17) secondly, I was trying to implement the reward system to gain the loyalty of the employees.

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