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The present world is a boundary less business world. Businesses all around the world conduct activities in their best suitable manner neglecting the distance. But how do they manage the time and space gap between the supply and production? Here comes the importance of integrated supply chain and logistics support organizations, like United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS).
Traditionally transport organizations used to confine their services within shifting packages from one point to another. Then the Third Party Logistics providers or 3PL came in business to make it easier. “Traditionally, 3PL providers offered a specialized set of services focused around warehousing, order fulfillment, transportation and supply chain logistics. Today, several factors have driven 3PLs to non-traditional services that spread their influence further into the supply chain. Non-traditional supply chain services include various solutions, such as: Labeling and barcoding, Product packaging and packaging postponement, Point of purchase display kitting, Reverse packaging, Customer call centers, Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) services.” (Sell J., August 2015)
UPS does not reject any possible delivery. Many deliveries may seem weird and not deliverable but they are delivered by UPS the way it should be. For example, “In 1987, UPS delivered and iceberg chunk roughly the size of a fridge to a children’s museum in Venezuela. In 2007, two whales were shipped from Taiwan to Atlanta. Again in 2008, a group of 2200 years old Terracotta Horses were shipped via UPS for a museum exhibition.”(Hullinger J. 2015). These variety of deliveries show that UPS responds to all kinds of requirements that cannot trusted with many other service providers.
UPS, established in the 18th century has been one of the major service providers. Right from its beginning the corporation has not seen any major down turns. Its integrated and sincere services have always paid off. Also in 2015 it has seen solid financial outcomes. Worldwide it earned a total operating profit of $7.7 billion making a new record. UPS CEO David Abney identifies “it saw gains across all three of its key operating segments–U.S. Domestic Package, International Package, and Supply Chain and Freight, which was evident in its strong Peak Season performance that was spurred on by heavy e-commerce activity.”

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