The official name for Italy in English is Italian republic

The official name for Italy in English is Italian republic, so Italy is a country in central Europe, it’s also a peninsula in Mediterranean Sea, surrounded with land borders with, Switzerland, Austria, France, and Slovenia. (Clark, Nangeroni, Powell, Signoretta,2018)
The capital is Rome and it considers one of the oldest cities.
Italy is a member of the European Union and the G8 and it means the 8th largest gross domestic product in the world.
According to world meters website show that current population, of Italy 15 April 2018 was 59,305,479 and it equals 0.78 percent of the world’s population, and its about 2.6 millions for people under 5 years old, 38.2 millions between 15 and 64 years and 13.4 millions older than 65. The median age in Italy 46.3 years. (world meters,2018)
Moreover, according to human development reports showed, life expectancy at birth in years is 83.3, infant mortality rate peer 1000 live births is 2.9, public health expenditure percent of GDP is 7 (Human Development Reports, (n.d.)


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