The most important thing that we do during our lives is learning

The most important thing that we do during our lives is learning, learning in different context
and situation. We have learned that education is a science that it had been studied for many
years and a lot of authors.
When you are involved in the world of education you start wondering about your experiences
in learning and how these change your perspective in life. This course helped us to think about
our previous experiences and to link with the main theories of the ed ucation.
The education in schools is something than it is obligatory in the majority of the countries but
when we have to think about our personal learning experiences the school is not the only
place where they took place. The maturity that children acqu ire through their experience
increase the complex reasoning they need to learn and transform this experiences in
significant learning.
Our experie nces start in our most closely environment which is ours families and friendships .
There are a lot of things that affects our knowledge, the context is the principal. It is not the
same to be born in a family wit h resources than in the poverty. F ortunately , we have in Europe
the opportunity to study, in the majority of the cases, for free and with really good sch olarship
program. The things that affect the learning experiences in children are the social c lass ,
ethnicity , g ender , disability, religion, poverty, n ationality …
According to education , it is not the sam e born as a woman than born as a man, or born in
Pe kin than born here, in t he UK. The educational systems are different in all the countries. Ass
well the situation in their houses is linked too, the rearing , siblings, school -home relationships.
Something that we can do to ease the impact of social differe nces is a school are: Improve
tutor -family communication, p oint out social exclusion and inform about that (economi cs and
support measures needed), o rganize intercultural and recreational activities with children ,
organize awareness programs, report exclus ion situations and n otice any issue related to
scholar absenteeism .
I think that the relationship between the teachers and the families it is something esse ntial in
the growth of a child. The obligation of a good teacher is to improve a better relationship
between them and children’s families, this will mean the key of success for the children . This
would reduce the inequalities children have for their different background.
About those learning experiences some authors studied how the children cognition wor ks, and
we have s tudied three essential theories: Behaviourist, Constructivist and Social Constructivist .
I’m going to explain this theories for them could make linked with my personals learning
The behaviourist is based on objectively obser vable behaviou rs and not in mental activities.
The main authors of this theory are Watson and Skinner. This is explain for the authors telling
that the psychology should operate as a s cience, with empirical data, observation and
measurement. This is the re ason for not observe how a child mind works, because the
behaviourist only focuses on observable events and this can be scientifically measured . We can
observe behaviourism in a lot of schools, we examine children to know how much they have

learned (observ able events). We must ask ourselves why we don’t think about how they learn
against how much they learn. This fact affect in our learning experiences. We think as learners
that we have to pass an exam, but when we passed we forgot all the contents and we r ealise
that there isn’t meaningful knowledge. The principal author of this theory is Skinner.
Another theory to understand the learning experiences and how they affect is the
Constructivist theory of learning established by Jean Piaget. Piaget (1988) thoug ht that the
actions of a child in the world were the things that improved their development. For Piaget a
child was a ‘little scientist’ because th ey start to understand the world through their own
discoveries. One thing that is very important to explain t he learning experiences an d how they
change us is the state disequilibrium of Piaget. When in front of a child there is something that
is totally unfamiliar appear a conflict in the child’s concept. This conflict is positive for the child
because this help s the growth of knowledge. We live in a constant conflict because we are
active learners.
The last theory that in going to talk about to analyse the learning experiences is the Social
Constructivist. The Constructivism theory says that all the children are active in the building of
their own knowledge. Vygotsky (1978) said that to this process the most important thing is the
social interaction and also the social context. The human race brings with it a genetic
sociocultural code that permits the capacity o f interact. Vygotsky talks too about the Zone of
proximal development, this is about the things that a child can do but with help of an adult or
most able students , because there are skills too difficult to do by their own. This theory can
help the teache rs to increase the children’s knowledge trough the motivation of the
cooperative learning. It’s very important in this area to consider the background of the pupil,
this fact could change the behaviour in the class and with the other partners.
Vygotsky tal k too about the importance of playing. Playing like a socio -cultural resource. Play
can increase the attention and the memory in a child. When a child learn something through
play this will improve the knowledge making it meaningful.
I’m going to talk abou t my own learning experiences and how I think they ha ve changed my
perspective in education. The most important experience that have change d me is my
exchange in Germany that I talk about in the task 1.
I´m from a small city in the south of Spain called Cádiz. My high school has established
agreements with other high schools around Europe. These agreements allow students to go
abroad for a few weeks to learn different languages. I choose to go to Wuppertal, a city in the
North of Germany. I was studying t here in a school called Pina -Baush Getsamtshule. I was
living there with my exchange partner and her family, while she was attended my same high
school. Living with this family was one of the parts of my Learning experience because they
were from a differe nt social class than mine. In Spain the salary is quite lower than in Germany
and their houses, so I could sense a different way of life. This different background made me
think about education and how important is the social context of the person who stud ies.
The school was in the middle of de field in a very green part, whit orchard and playground for
the small ones, in Spain that is unusual and this impact to me, because the schools in Spain
usually have only a building (big or small, depending of the s chool) and a recreation area. I

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think this is because the money that Germany invests in education is greater than in Spain and
that and that made me think about how education in Spain is undervalued.
Here we can think about Vygotsky (1978) and how he thou ght the social interaction is very
important in cognitive development. When you do an exchange the most important part is the
relationship between the partner s, and how a person is able to deal with it in a totally different
context with unknown persons. I was there for three weeks. Living like them, meting a lot of
people of the schools and going out with them. These parts of my Learning Experience in
Germany were a way to build my self -confidence and learn to communicate to others in
another language. Com munication was a tough aspect of my trip because all of us had to speak
in a different language from the mother tongue (all of us had to speak in English). But, in the
end, it was interesting to be involved in this new learning experience.
The friends that I made and the fact that we still keeping in touch, the feedback learning
English was so important. The feedbacks in students learning ensure optimal outcomes of
education. (Lipnevich and Smith 2009)
When I went abroad I was 16. I was a minor and at the b eginning I was a bit afraid of the age –
gap between me and my schoolmates: they were all aging between 18 and 20. In addition,
they all were in higher level than mine. But this only made me to enhance my learning process.
The weather was something different too: in Spain the temperatures are much higher and for
me that was strange because it was the first time that I was abroad living in a totally different
place. Another problem to deal with was the food, because In Spain the quality of the food is
higher o n average. Anyway, all of the toughness was soften by th e astonishing green
This experience was very important for me because I learned to deal with a very different
environment from my birthplace. In fact I had to leave my comfort zone behind and that is the
most powerful learning that I´ve ever done.
Another experience that has left me with a bigger internal handicap than I dare to admit is my
piano lessons in the conservatory of music. It all began in very good way, I used to play the
piano s ince I was 4 years old. Then I decid e to enter in the conservatory, at first it was funny to
know mor e friends with the same hobbies. In the third grade I was with a teacher that I didn’t
like at all. I think that this experience is the worst I live throug h education. She always told me
that I was the worst student that she ever had and I worked very hard all the days. I used to
love playing the piano but with this situation I start hate playing. I realised all the negative
things that this bring me when I start to have stage fright. Nowadays I’ m unable to play in front
of someone else, I only do to myself.
This situat ion made me think a lot of education and the things that teachers must avoid. The
motivation is something essential to make a child learn in the best conditions. When you don’t
have someone that make you feel safe in your educational environment this will provide you
bad situation especially when you are a child with not criterion and building your own self –
esteem. Maslow (1968) talk about motivation a nd he made a hierarchy of needs. We can see
in the top the esteem needs and the need for self -actualization . We can see that the need for

achievement, competence, respect and to realize our fullest potential are real needs, I think
that we have to try to help the children in their needs as teachers.
Making this assessment I realise that we can study a lot o f education theories, but if we don’t
look in retrospect all the learning experiences that we have lived we can’t be self -critical in our
work as educators. When you think of an experience in your life that give you better skills and
you think at the same time in the people around you in that moment you can remember who
they make you feel. And you can ask yourself: this feelings help me to move forward or only to
stagnate? And then you can conclude how you want to be as a teacher and how you want to
make fe lt. Like Sydney J. Harris (1994) said ‘ the whole purpose o f education is it to turn mirror
into windows ‘

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