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The human body has a response to every action that goes against and in the case of depression it is no different. Studies go to show that the degree in which a biological factor could have an effect in both men and women regarding depression is average at the most. However in dealing with factors such as this it is
For many years it has been suspected that the biological explanation to women’s more likely reason of getting depression is more than males is likely the direct results of the ovarian hormones (hormones such as estrogen and progesterone) which are known to have effects on a women’s mood. However, despite the negative effects of these hormones on the female mood the problem lies in the fact that there is little to no evidence in the scientific field to back this up. While it is a known fact that some women suffer from depression when they go through phases such as puberty, premenstrual period of the menstrual cycle, menopause, etc. no one knows for certain whether that these depressions are the results of hormonal change within the body or for the depressions that are already affecting them in their everyday lives.
Studies from Young & Korszun (1999) state that biological research that studies ovarian hormones on moods choose to not to focus upon the direct effects from the ovarian hormones but instead they choose to focus on the adrenal hormone responses to the stress that is placed upon the individual. In addition, another factor that plays a part would be the Hypothalamic-pituitary adrenal aka (HPA), which regulates the levels of a few hormones which include cortisol. Depending on the level Cortizol it can play a huge effect with other biochemicals that play a part in affecting depression.
One hypothesis that is put forth is that women are twice as likely than men to receive a dysregulated HPA regulated response to stress. The cause of this stems from the fact that women are more likely to suffer a form of abuse that leaves an taxing scar on their mental well being that leads to a further decrease in HPA dysregulation. According to Young and Korszun (1999) ovarian hormones are said to be connected since they can balance the flow of the HPA axis.

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