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The Education Act 2002 has provisions about the necessity of raising standards and emphasise innovation in schools. Guidelines for staffing requirements and child-adult ratio for different age groups are also laid down. It includes the necessary required qualifications for class teachers and teaching assistants. (Early Years…)
The Children Act 2004 encourages a healthier and more balanced lifestyle by promoting sports and healthy eating habits and widening children’s education in this area at Health Education and Drugs Awareness lessons. Furthermore, the introduction of breakfast clubs and a wider range of after school activities provide help to working parents and creates more connections between school and home life. (Every Child Matters, 2004)
School premises have to accessible to differently abled people according to the Special Education Needs and Disability Act 1995. In everyday practice, inclusion of disabled people means their access to the learning environment as well as to the curriculum. School staff has to be aware of these pupils’ condition and accept that as a consequence some things need to be done differently. Individual education plans can make it possible to involve SEN or disabled children in the normal school setting while paying attention to their individual needs and helping them make their way into mainstream education. Also, in an inclusive educational setting, disabled children’s hidden difficulties, e.g., pain, and their possible problems with auditory, visual or tactile skills, perception, memory or concentration, have to be appreciated and taken into consideration.

Role of the Health and Safety Executive in terms of the education system

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