The Advantages of Coral Reef for Human Coral reefs are among the most ancient of earth’s natural wonders

The Advantages of Coral Reef for Human Coral reefs are among the most ancient of earth’s natural wonders. Coral reef are the sources of medicine by doing marine research. Humans have been attempting to understand and use oceanic resources since ancient times. Apart from corals, which have calcium and 74 other life-enhancing minerals, some of the coral reef organisms that hold special importance for the pharmaceutical companies are invertebrates like Sponges, Tunicates, Bryozoans, and Octocorals that are permanently attached to some surfaces. Since they are immobile, it becomes necessary for them to produce chemicals for either attracting prey or repelling predators, for reproducing, and many other purposes. Many of these chemicals have been found to have important antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer drugs. Now, some scientists are doing some research about the potential of coral reef to cure diseases or for medical treatment. Because, they believe that it can be source of medicine in the next decade. Take example in Taiwan, Japan, China, and India coral reef products have been traditionally used for treating various illnesses. In Philippines for instance, giant clams are used as a malaria treatment. Let me give you another example of medicine made from organism in coral reefs. In United States, scientists have discovered new medicines such as “Ara-A” (an antiviral drug used for treatment of Herpes Infection), an antiviral drug “AZT”, and an anticancer agent “Ara-C” that used to treat acute myelocytic leukemia and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.The three new drugs that I have written earlier are made from extract of sponges that found on Caribbean Reef. Besides, it can be the source of medicine, organism in coral reef can be made to become cosmetics like “sun cream” products with SPF 50 that have been developed by Australian Researchers. In the future, coral reef ecosystems could represent an increasingly important source of medical treatments, nutritional supplements, pesticides, cosmetics, and other commercial products. The fourth advantage of coral reef is providing protective barrier around many islands. Same with the function of Mangrove trees, coral reefs has become an important aspect towards protecting coastal areas.Because, when the ocean waves crash against the coastal areas, the destructive power of the waves can cause an erosion, uproot the plants and damage existing facilities around the coastal area . But, with the presence of coral reefs that have a rocky structure, it can forms as a natural barrier around coastal areas which can absorbs the force of the waves. Actually, when the waves damage coral reef, the living coral reef structures growing back rather than eroding. Besides becoming a protective barrier, coral reefs also provide protection towards storm and flood to coastal areas by taking the brunt of the storm before it comes to the ashore.From this essay we can conclude that coral reefs have many advantages for human. That’s why we must preserve the coral reef that exist today, and not to damage them.


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