TEXTING AND DRIVING Texting while driving is the major concern affecting today’s society

Texting while driving is the major concern affecting today’s society .Driving needs focus and maximum attention. Distracted driving affects all drivers from time to time which can result into serious consequences. Reckless driving do not affect drivers the same. Some take more risks and pay less attention to the road increasing their risk for disaster despite knowing how small distractions can hamper one’s ability to drive causing major threats on roads.
Texting while driving is considered dangerous resulting to serious fatal accidents and injuries. Texting has grown to be one of the biggest means of communication among people while in fact, some of these texts are sent from behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. Due to increasing number of accidents, most countries have enforced legal measures to eliminate this endemic problem. It is important to create awareness that illegal act of text messaging while driving do not only cause distracted driving but also dangerous behavior that reduces driver attentiveness and focus on roads possibly succumbing into severe consequences.
Reasons can vary upon which an individual would text while behind the wheel but some, could be due to its convenience, time and cost saving. Increasing number of social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatsApp, LinkedIn are also among major causes. It is common to see a person entirely indulged in their device, such as cell phones and tablets checking emails, text message or in other social platforms mentioned earlier. Progression of text messaging as an ideal choice of communication in the society, people have become so absorbed on their devices that it has become an everyday incident to slip in their daily routines including driving.
Texting while driving has various effects which includes abstracted driving. Abstracted driving has been leading causes of car accidents with the majority ending with fetal results. Texting while driving is the pits of all driver distraction because it concurrently uses visual, cognitive and physical recognition. In 2014, the National Highway Traffic Safety Association announced approximately 10% of the total 32,675 people who died on United States highways was due to distracted driving, while over 400,000 were injured in a distracted driving incident. One reason for distracted driving is the use of one’s cell phone during driving. Study shows that, teenager drivers are more prone to distracted driving to adult drivers since one of the prominent forms of communication among young generation is text messaging among other causes. Texting while driving is the nastiest distraction for any driver as both require full attention which eventually driving suffers due to lack of driver’s ability to focus on the road.
Texting while driving can also cause extremely lethal conditions that compromise safety of the driver and their passengers including other drivers and passengers sharing roads n highways. Texting require at least one hand on the device i.e. cell phone and drivers eyes away from the road, the focus of the driver is not completely dedicated to controlling the vehicle. This results to deviation from the lane that could possibly cause dangerous situations like collision with vehicles, hitting innocent pedestrian walking along the road. With all factors put in place, texting while driving is a dangerous conducts that could impact not only safety of drivers and their passengers but also other drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists. Despite texting while driving being banned and regarded as illegal in many states, some drivers still find themselves in government arm for the obvious reasons. Currently 45 states have banned text messaging while driving (NCSL 2015). Of those countries, 39 implement laws with primary restrictions, while 5 enforce it as secondary offense.
Study shows that, countries with primarily enforced laws detected reduction in victims in all age groups while countries that enforced secondary restrictions had no significant deviation. This impact depicts that, text ban affected young drivers with significant reduction in deaths. In a nutshell, we conclude that countries implementing and enforcing ban on texting while driving are saving the lives of many people.
Due to rising texting-related accidental cases and fatalities, ideal measures and resources have been put in place to do away with this problem. One the simplest routine an individual can adapt to possibly save a life is to switch off the phone while driving. For cases where an incoming call or text message is very urgent, the driver can pull on the roadside read or send a text message. Through technology advancement we have several apps for example AT&T DriveMode and Live2Txt, are available for users to download on their cell phones to avoid any text message or incoming call from appearing while inside a moving vehicle. Through government initiative, their multi-million dollar campaign of creating awareness on texting while driving and an outreach program targeting youths to emphasize the dangers of texting while behind the wheel. The DOT has also initiated many distracted driving enforcement and advertising campaigns using of the phrase “U Drive U text U pay” to fight and crackdown on abstracted driving. In conclusion accidents and dangers related to texting while driving can be avoided if drivers listen to warnings of this awareness campaign or rather restrain from using cell phones while driving. Through this, there will be a significant reduction of accidents related to texting while driving.
In conclusion despite texting having several demerits it also has several advantages on our day to day activities. It has improved lives of many people with ease in communication and convenience on daily interactions and mobility. However applying it during driving is not only an illegal act as regarded in many states but also a dangerous behavior that has lethal consequences if the driver is not attentive while behind the wheel. The driver should be highly focused while driving as major priority t drive is safety. Awareness campaign has been premeditated to emphasize the acute importance of how texting and driving can and has crashed many lives. Based on an individual effort and initiative, everyone can play a role in eliminating this problematical concern by taking one step and resolute to switch off the phone while driving to make our roads a little safer. As a final point, the drivers should be cautious and, aware that there is no text or message so important than life of another person.


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