Tangible resources of Amway Physical resources As a major aspect of their strategy to enhance brand presence

Tangible resources of Amway
Physical resources
As a major aspect of their strategy to enhance brand presence, product accessibility, and modernize their tasks to meet market needs and demands, Amway had finished the transformation of the second biggest Regional Distribution Center (RDC) outside Klang Valley in October 2014, which is Johor Bahru RDC. The new Johor Bahru Amway Shop brags an open and comfortable parlor for wholesalers to direct their business and an instructing space to help their training and instruction endeavors at an outrageously sensible rental rate. Other than that, they had finished their transformation work in February 2015 on their staying last three RDCs which situated at Kuching, Kota Kinabalu and Miri. They have successfully finished their physical presence strategy that was started six years back with these transformations. Besides, they had extended and modernized their channel infrastructure from 13 RDCs in 2008 to 25 Amway Shops in February 2015 situated all through Malaysia and Brunei, bolstered by three regional distribution center points for across the nation conveyance and resupply to Amway shops.

Technological assets
Amway is adopting technology as a major enabler to support their Amway Business Owner ABOs “on-the-go”. Their digital strategy helps to improve the speed of service for the convenience of their ABOs, it offers customer’s orders to be placed 24/7 and delivered via courier. Furthermore, they had developed and launched the AMWAY Event mobile application which allows their ABO leaders to receive the latest information on events and vacations they may be present. In March 2016, they had register AMWAY Malaysia page on Instagram and got a tremendous response with more than 9,000 followers. They also register AMWAY Malaysia WeChat in December 2016 and had more than 13,000 followers onboard. Their WeChat platform allows them to share information on their latest products and services to their followers.
Intangible resources of Amway
Amway’s Beauty and Personal Care line had the highest number of new launches in 2016. For the brand ARTISTRY, they had launched nine new products including six cosmetics, one premium fragrance, and two skin care products. The highlight was the introduction of their new fragrance category with the launch of their prestige Flora Chic Eau de Parfum. NUTRILITE, the world’s no. 1 selling vitamins and dietary supplements brand under Amway, has been awarded Gold (Malaysia) Award in the Reader’s Digest’s Trusted Brand Award 2016. Within the Home Tech category, their eSpring brand has own certifications and awards from many organizations. They has been awarded the 2016 Frost ; Sullivan Asia Pacific Water Filtration Company of the Year award, and for the seventh consecutive year, Amway and the eSpring brand have been recognized by Frost ; Sullivan for their water treatment best practices award for the Asia Pacific region. They were also voted as Reader’s Digest’s Trusted Brand by consumers, winning the Gold (Asia) and Gold (Malaysia) Awards for the 10th time in the Water Purifier Category.

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Human assets
Amway Malaysia has been awarded the Top Employers Malaysia 2018 and Top Employers Asia Pacific certification 2018 which owns around 460 employees throughout Malaysia. In the area of training and education, they had conducted 1,484 hours of training hours to help employees improve and evaluate themselves, a 20% increase over the prior year. Amway allow their employees to work based on their schedule and giving out free vacations to their employees.
Incentive system
Amway has noticed that their employees sometimes experience stress at their workplace or have some other psychological issues. Therefore, they had implemented a counseling program that helps to consult employees during office hours which enable them to receive a psychological and emotional support during difficult periods and learn how to effectively cope with stress. Besides, Amway also provides a daycare program for it’s employees that enables them to withdraw funds from a flexible spending account to cover the expenses related to daycare or eldercare. Furthermore, Amway had offered a life insurance programme which is free to employees.


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