Statistic Canada shows that 72

Statistic Canada shows that 72,039 impaired driving incidents in 2015, a rate of 201 incidents per 100,000 population. This proves even more that it is important to know all about Impaired and aggressive driving to keep not only ourselves but the drivers, pedestrians and cyclists safe from careless and unsafe driving on our roads. But mostly to avoid collision, injuries and even death. Even a small amount of a drug or alcoholic drink can affect your ability to drive. Different drugs may have a different impact on your brain, but almost all of them affect your attention, judgment, motor skill. Reaction time, decision-making skill, balance and coordination while driving. In Canada the maximum legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is 80 milligrams of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood, or 0,08. Driving with a higher concentration is illegal and is a criminal offence and if caught the penalties are will be severe. Drivers younger than 21 years old must not have any alcohol in their blood while driving, and driving with any alcohol in your system is a criminal offence and it is a “Zero tolerance” rule. There are many penalties for Drinking and driving. For your first offence you will have a 3 day license suspension and a fine of 250$. For your second offence if its within 5 years of your first you will get a 7 day license suspension a 350$ fine and you will need to take a Mandatory education program. And if you have a third offence within 5 years you will get a 30 day license suspension, a 450$ fine, you will need to use a ignition interlock device for 6 months and and you will need to take a Mandatory education program. Aggressive driving behaviours may cause other drivers to become angry and/or frustrated and created a road-rage conflict between the two. These frustration action that one may do include tailgating, making a wrong turn, failure to yield the right of way ect. If you do encounter an aggressive driver you must remain calm, keep your distance, don’t pass the driver unless necessary or to change lanes once it’s safe but most importantly not to respond to the hostile gestures. In conclusion, avoiding driving Impaired and aggressive drivers will make your driving experience enjoyable, easier and most importantly safer.


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