To, Date: 09th April, 2018
The Visa Officer,
Canadian High Commission
Subject: Application for Student visa
Respected Sir/Madam,

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“You learn something valuable from all of the significant events and people, but you never touch your true potential until you challenge yourself to go beyond imposed limitations.”-Roy T. Bennett


I, SUDDALA SRINATH, applying for the Canadian study visa to pursue Mobile Application Design and Development offered by Lambton College in Toronto, Ontario, CA.
Ever since my school days, I used to toy around with the idea of drawing, taking things apart and trying to put them back with fewer parts. I loved the magical idea of trying to see how a device functions without a certain part, find out which part is the most important and which is the part that the device can afford to lose without sacrificing its function.

Mobile application development is quickly evolving and growing to meet the demand of today’s marketplace. The Mobile Application ; Design Development program will allow students the opportunity to develop a wide variety of skills in applications for mobile and tablet devices. Curriculum focuses on mobile application development topics, and becomes increasingly in-depth to allow students to develop the skills employers demand.
Initial curriculum focuses on platform-based development including iOS and Android applications. Various client-side development tools are introduced such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, as well as server-side programming to complement mobile application development. The focus will be on open source development based on PHP and MySQL.
In the second term, curriculum is based on various applied courses and team projects to ensure the continued development of critical skills in publishing their native, game and cross-platform mobile applications on both the App Store and Android Market. The third term curriculum focuses on user-experience design, web security, online mobile marketing, user interface design and native smartphone application development utilizing the latest standard web technologies. To synthesize all student learning outcomes, the co-op work term or the applied project provides the components necessary to improve graduate employability competencies.
In this program, graduates develop their problem solving skills to analyze business requirements and design, develop and implement real-life mobile applications. In addition, students expand their business and communication skills through participating in collaborative team projects.
• I have a family of five members, my father being a Singareni Employee who estimates and give quotation of the budgets with an experience of almost 25 years in various departments like manufacturing, budgeting, section engineer.
• I gained lot of knowledge and got exposed to lot of terms which involves the great manufacturing practices, and this gives me an added advantage to understand the course thoroughly with much ease. I always admired him for one big reason, the way he took every opportunity with an intent to perform always kept me motivated in my life.
• My mother being a Home Maker she is best at managing and maintaining personal life and even maintains needs which are essential for a family to grow together day-by-day.
• I have a younger brother who is presently pursuing his B.Tech final year in Mechanical branch and last but not least my grandmother who is the strong pillar of my family.
• I have excelled in academics at every stage of my education. In the twelve years of my schooling, I have always been ranked in good number in my class and completed my schooling with A grade. From the age of schooling I was passionate of holding a degree in electronics and with that interest I have taken MPC (Mathematics, Physics, chemistry) in intermediate and had a good percentage 76.9 on the scale of 100. After completing my intermediate I have to choose a bachelors where I can get deep knowledge of electronics, and management and bachelors in commerce (honours) was the right path where I can get in and completed my bachelors with First class division.

After my graduation I started working at Bees Synergy systems (India) Private Limited for 3 years and 2months (October 2014 to December 2017) as a Network Associate for Bees Synergy .IN. My primary job role was to troubleshooting wide area networks, servers and routers. Apart from that I was also trained to help customers through chats and emails.
In my 3years and 2 months of work experience with Bees Synergy, I have also supported different departments apart from the position I was hired for.
As a result of my performance, I got awarded with STAR DUST award


Lambton College in Toronto offers quality education in a challenging yet student-friendly environment. Following the Lambton College curriculum, each semester is designed to meet the challenges unique to international students and create a quality academic experience. Lambton offer effective teacher-student interaction, efficient class schedules and affordable tuition fees.


Canada has traditionally been a country of immigrants and has a policy of encouraging multicultural diversity. According to United Nations (UN) and Economist Intelligence Unit, Since 1994 Canada is ranked as one of the top ten places to live in the world. The people are what make this place great. It’s an immigration nation and Canadians can make almost anyone feel welcome but also without making you feel like a complete outsider. It has a good blend of international students with varied cultures, highly qualified professors, less crime rate, strong education system, many recreation sites and plenty of available resources make Canada an optimal place for me to pursue my higher studies.


Studies in my home country get good reputation across the world, but I will not get international exposure which is much needed in today’s competitive market. Moreover there is a huge competition in my country and it is quite difficult for an individual to get chance as opportunities are very limited. In Mobile Application Design Development, there are lot of things that students have to do in lab to learn and practically understand, but we were given limited time in lab at my under graduation level. I found these were the few reasons for not continuing masters in my home country.


I did not choose USA, UK because of the recent ups and downs in their immigration policies which don’t make me very comfortable to opt for them. Many international students have been deported to India especially from USA though they have a valid visa copy and provided genuine documents. Also there are several racist attacks happening to Indian students in these countries. So I don’t feel safe to study in these countries. Studying in Australia doesn’t provide professional settlement in the field of interest. Hence I chose Canada over these countries

I have ample amount of funds to support my education and living expenses in Canada. I have paid CAD $7,255 which covers my first semester fee and also deposited CAD $ 10,015 in Scotia Bank, Canada, towards GIC which covers my living expenses for the whole academic year.
After completion of my post-graduation diploma, I want to step back to my country India and start a new company where I can implement my complete knowledge of designing and manufacturing.
I sincerely hope that this letter provides you with a detailed information needed with respect to my future prospects in Canada and that my application fulfills all the requirements needed to grant a study permit there.
I firmly believe that this post graduate Diploma course at Lambton Collage will give me a willing edge to compete and secure my dream into the Mobile application design and development. I therefore request you to kindly grant merited consideration to my application at the earliest and give me an opportunity to study at Lambton College.
Thanking You
Yours Sincerely,


I'm Lillian

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