Soviet Montage theory was primarily developed by Sergei Eisentein

Soviet Montage theory was primarily developed by Sergei Eisentein, a Russian film director and theorist,whose experience about film and editing still play a large role in film history. In comparision to traditional Hollywood Cinema that useed widly popular editing techniques such as; cross-cutting, fade in/out and action match it is argueded that Eisesntein re-funtionalized these recognized devices in order to generate more poignant and intellectually engaging films. Eisenstein’s theory of intellectual montage was achieved through combination of complementary images and its main intention was to compel the viewers to dynamically take part in the interpretation of the film. Intellectual montage takes the viewer and his reactions into account, aggravating a process of forming relations between the constrating images and consequently ultimately revealling the statement that the filmmaker is trying to communicate. In simple terms, soviet montage is a combination seires of short shots which are edited in a sequence to construct representational significance


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