Sexual harassment in schools has been a very big problem that more and more people are learning of

Sexual harassment in schools has been a very big problem that more and more people are learning of. More than one third of the girls in school have been sexual harassed in some type of way. By seeing or experience of this issue in the workplace, it now moved on to schools and this is a very sick fact. Sexual Harassment is a problem. This can go to kindergarten all they up to the rest of your life. Sexual harassment is unwanted sexual remarks or advances on a female uselly.

I’ve seen sexual harassment in our own school. A unnamed student say to a teacher ” I want to lick your toes” which is concentered sexual harassment. Sex Harassment is a big thing that happens in school. Another case is male students have grasped girls butts and, have made rude remarks like, suck my cock or lets have sex. Some of these comments are unwanted and consider sexual harassment and some cases consider sexual assault. We have to find a way to stop these things from happening.

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However, teachers showed very little interest and did nothing to prevent the assault, which eventually resulted in tragedy. Thirty-Four percent of teachers in primary schools have witnessed gender stereotyping and other types of sexual harassment weekly. This is really bad and should not happen at all. The author goes on to describe the difficulties in stores for those who decide to take the issue into the court.

Of course, this horrible story is an extreme case and most of sexual harassment problems in schools are more verbal abuse then physical on teachers and other school officials. The number of students being harassed is very shocking to the AAUW (American Association of University Women) published a report on the subject in 2001, showing that 83% of girls and 79% of boys in 8th through 11th grades have went thought some type of harassment in school.

Some effort has been made to make schools safer like a new check-in system. This is a step in the right direction to try to preventing and eliminating sexual harassment/abuse in urban schools. What people find most shocking about the problem is lack of concern and participation in preventing sexual harassment from happening in schools. It is a proven fact that most of all sexual harassment acts have take place in school hallways or in the classrooms, places that are actually supervised by school staff and security guards and or police.

Students have to attend school and they have a right to enjoy and fill safe in the place they study, communicate and interact with other people. It is rare when students do inform their school staff about being sexually harassed, but even when they do, in most of these cases they are looked over. And that leads to tragic consequences. When school staff are confronted with this issue, they simply do not know how to react, they do not have any prescribed rules as to what to do in these type of situation.Both teachers as well as students have to be made aware of this and should be able to recognize abuse when they see it and should be able to react to it in a proper way. Awareness is the most important thing to stop the sexual harassment problem in schools. Safety and awareness these are the two thing will eliminate sexual harassment in schools.

Sexual Harassment is a big problem in the world and especially in schools. Too many student have to go through this problem. This should have awareness brought to it and no should have to go through this. Schools should put a new policy in place to wear when people are getting harassed and reported they can do something. Sexual Harassment is wrong and should not happen to anyone. Safety and awareness are the main ways to eliminate this problem in schools. Sexual Harassment should not happen to anyone and these two things are was to stop harassment in school.


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