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Self-discrepancy explained that people compare themselves to an internalized standard called “self-guided”. Self-discrepancy is a gap between two of these actual self and ideal self. Actual self is our representation of the attributes that we believe our actual possess (Higgins,1987). The actual self is a person’s basic self-concept and who we are. It is an individual perception of their own attributes for example intelligence, attractive, athleticism and etc. Ideal self is our representation of the attributes that someone (ourselves and another) would like you. Ideally, possess for example it is a representation of someone’s hopes, aspiration, or wishes for us (Higgins, 1987). The “ideal self” is what usually motivates the individual to change, improve and achieve. The theory states that people are motivated to reduce the gap in order to remove the disparity in self-guides. (Orellana-Damacela, Tindale & Suarez-Balcazar,2000).

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