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Sachin Tendulkar Family
Sachin Tendulkar belongs to Rajapur Saraswat Brahmin family. His father name was Ramesh Tendulkar. Sachin Tendulkar’s father was a famous poet and novelist in his times. Sachin Tendulkar Mother Name was Rajni and she uses to work in an insurance company. Sachin Tendulkar has two brothers Nitin Tendulkar and Ajit Tendulkar and one sister Savita Tendulkar. They all were his half-siblings. They all were from the Ramesh Tendulkar’s first wife. Sachin Tendulkar married to beautiful and humble lady Anjali Tendulkar. Anjali Tendulkar belongs to a renowned Mehta family his father was a famous Gujarati industrialist. She was raised in a well-settled environment. She is a therapist by profession. They have two children Sara Tendulkar (12 October 1997) and Arjun Tendulkar (4 September 1999).
Sachin Tendulkar Wife Anjali Tendulkar
she saw first time Sachin at airport Anjali shared her beautiful moments. Anjali was there to receive her mother. She expressed that at that time she doesn’t know who is he? They managed their relationship by communicating with a mutual friend. They often contact with each other with some kind of letters and phone calls at their early relation she expressed. Later on, they got married on 24 May 1994.
List of Interesting Facts of Sachin Tendulkar Career
• Sachin Tendulkar’s net worth is almost 160 million dollars ( 1075 Corer) and yearly income is 13 million dollar
• He is the youngest Indian test cricketer at just age of 16
• His Bangalow is at Bandra Mumbai with the worth of 12 million dollars (80 Corer)
• Sachin Tendulkar is a middle height batsman player with the height of 5.5 feet (1.65m)
• Sachin Tendulkar is prominent with top run-scorer in test (14,692) and ODI (18,111) equally.
• After Javed Miandad Pakistani legend Sachin Tendulkar is the player who was honored to participate in six world cup tournaments
• Tendulkar is the only record holder who has scored maximum centuries in Test (51 centuries) and ODI (48 Centuries) as well in international cricketing.
• He is the only player who played the maximum number of test series
• Tendulkar has also been honored with the second highest Civil Award of India (Padma Vibhushan )
• Tendulkar has also been honored with ICC cricket award after playing 20 years in 2010
• Sachin started his career playing his first match against Pakistan on 15 November 1989 and finished his test career season against West Indies on November 14, 2013
• Sachin started his ODI career first match with playing against Pakistan and on 18 December 1989 while ended his ODI career playing against Pakistan on 18 March 2012. So his start and end was with the Pakistani team
• He played only one T-20 Match against South Africa on December 1, 2006
• Sachin Tendulkar played almost 6 years for IPL series for Chennai Super Kings
• Sachin Tendulkar played 200 test matches and 463 ODI matches in overall his career profile
• Sachin played the game with an average of 53.78 in test and 48.83 in one-day international series which is considered to be a good batsman in cricketing
• Sachin highest best score in test series was 248. Likewise 200 in one-day international series.
• Sachin Tendulkar has also remained the member of Parliament Rajya Sabha from 2012 to 2018. Furthermore, he could not maintain as the due to his poor attendance in assembly.
• The Sachin Tendulkar played tremendous innings of 24 years of his career and left the international cricketing with the tears in the eyes of his millions of fans in 2013.

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